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Toxins That Can Thwart Health

Lesson 14 Chapter 3

Toxins that Hinder Health

Fridge was probably the easiest puppy I've ever had! He was independent enough because with my crazy lifestyle at the time, he had to be. He was so smart and a fast learner too. He was the boy that cracked open the natural health door for me, even though I was still far too self-absorbed to listen to all his needs. 

He lived a primarily solo dog life without constant canine companions, but even with his health challenges (see in the article), he was always such a happy dog. He came from a long-line of obedience champions which is common to the breed anyway, but he was exceptionally so. No matter how goofy iw was, he rose above it. He was a very good boy, even to his last day. I look forward to seeing him again one day on the New Earth and New Heaven (see Revelation 21). 

I began the process of purifying my life in spirit, soul and body because of him. He began showing me the need to get the toxic stuff out so he could at least have a better life even if I wasn't connecting all the dots for my own life and that of others yet. I cared to help him at least and so I chose this oil blend for him. 

Purification blend:

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