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Lesson 28 Chapter 3

The Velocipuptor with Grounding

Isn't Ezra just the cutest thing you've ever seen? I mean truly? Well, I can tell you that's what saves him lol. He has been THE most difficult puppy I've ever had! Maybe because he's a high-energy, barely domesticated, willful boy puppy. Maybe because I'm older now and got used to more mature dogs that were laid back. Undoubtedly both and then some. The story below will tell you all the details. He was still only about 4 months old in the pic, he's almost one year old as I write this message in July 2020. He's still very challenging, in fact maybe even more so as a teenager dog. He's fearless and challenges me every step of the way. 

I asked my mom recently if I was a bad teenager (because of Ezra) but she's forgotten (she said I was perfect LOL - that's super funny because I know I wasn't) since she now deals with dementia and lives in a nursing home. I told her she could ask God for her memory back but she told me she doesn't want it back. She wants to remember just the good things she now holds onto. The truth is I challenged her a LOT. Maybe Ezra is part of my payback lol, or maybe he's what I needed to get out of my complacent, comfortable zone. God always knows what we need. Ezra is very reactive to noise, sounds, etc. You can learn more about that in another LONG post I wrote and yes I do mention this oil blend, Grounding - The Vagus Nerve and Your Dog's Health.

I use Grounding for me too because I can be very reactive as well. Hmmm.

Grounding is one blend I've used with every dog I've had since I began using these oils. AND for me!

Grounding blend:

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Grounding blend by YL

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