Essential Oils for Dogs

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Lesson 5 Chapter 2

Or better known as the Oily Symphony class - as I said before, both are appropriate titles!

Here are three books that I HIGHLY recommend and one has a series of 7 CDs (as well as mp3s) that are ALL about frequencies, vibrations and wellness! And no I don't receive any affiliate compensation for referring these to you - I have purchased them myself and find them to be SO valuable in learning the truth about frequencies that is NOT about new age stuff. 

1. WholeTones Healing Project with Michael Tyrell. His book, The Sound of Healing, comes with the music package or you can simply buy the book on Amazon but you'd miss the benefit of the music. If you go to the main page you'll learn a lot more about this! Also check out the other products they even have one just for our pets! 

2. Field Guide to Healing: A Step-by-Step model to receive healing, lead a healing movement, & have fun imparting life! with Andrew Jenkins. This one focuses on the frequencies of God's Word also and the essential oils! 

3. How Do Essential Oils Work? by Dr. Doug Corrigan. He explains how and why they work from a scientist's viewpoint. He doesn't write about the uses and recipes. It's an excellent book that will have you embracing the efficacy of essential oils!

Both of these are valuable resources in my own healing and wellness library! They will help you understand this whole vibrational wellness far better. My wish beloved, is for you all to be in health and prosper even as your souls prosper! (paraphrased from 3 John 1:2)


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