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What Are Frequencies?

Lesson 6 Chapter 2

I focus on vibrational frequencies a lot in all I teach. My course, Tune in to God's Voice is a much more in depth focus on this topic. 

In short, everything in this life is a vibrational frequency. We can raise or lower them according to what we eat, drink, think, speak, watch, do. To be well,  our frequency needs to be at a certain level, the lower we go from that then we are inviting in illness and ultimately death. 

Most of the essential oils I share in this class are blends created by Gary Young, the Founder of Young Living Essential Oils. They vibrate at the frequency of the name of the oil. For example the oil blend Believe is to help you with that need, so you can vibrate at the level. It may sound woo woo to you, and even weird. That's why I created my other course, to help Believers understand ALL that God has given to us in this world to live and BE well in every way - spirit, soul (mind/will/emotions) and body!!

This actually moves us into the realm of quantum physics. Someone I know who teaches that well in a way we can all begin to understand is Dr. Doug Corrigan. His book, How Do Essential Oils Work can help you a lot with a lot of this.

Below is a list of some of the Young Living Essential Oils and their vibrational frequency, as well as how "frequencies" relate to our bodies on whether are are operating in wellness or illness.


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