What do you do now?

Lesson 31 Chapter 5

While we've come to the end of this course, your journey may just be beginning. That is the exciting part. So the question begs, what do you do now?

Make a decision for your wellness. Do you want to keep trying to get well or to simply Be Well? Then follow these simple A, B, Cs (I said simple not necessarily easy):

a. Follow the laws of health mandated in nature. N.E.W. S.T.A.R.T.

Nutrition, Exercise, Water (fresh unadulterated with toxic chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine), Sunshine (and supplements as needed), fresh Air, Rest, and Trust in God and the other 7 laws. You can learn this in depth in Dr. Kim's online audio course, DOGgone Wellness! 

b. Use the essential oils*- if you don't have the Feelings Kit yet you'll want to get it to take your emotional wellness to the next level. 

I ONLY use and encourage Young Living Essential Oils.

c. Share the message with others so they too can be well - spirit, mind, body and financially.

Young Living has a message of hope for wellness, purpose and abundance. You too can be a part of this oily wellness journey.


Get back with the person who shared this class with you. They are eager to help you get started on your wellness journey. The "weller" we all get, the better this world will be one drop, one person at a time. Otherwise I invite you to join my YL team and get started right away! I have a private YL group as well as a team dedicated to helping us all grow together so we can bloom where we are planted!! Here is sign up instructions for you:

Join with me Kim Bloomer. Young Living member/customer/brand partner since 2004. YL #767865. You can find me at Kim Bloomer as well as on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Youtube under @DocKim, DrKimBloomer, or animalnat. Animal Naturopath. Use my sign up link HERE

This is a quick video you can watch on the sign up process or get guidance from your chosen sponsor! https://vimeo.com/147354370

If you are already a Young Living member, then stay with your sponsor and put your new Oil-ucation into practice and start vibrating higher!

To learn more about how to use and care for your oils go through the class, Oily Resource Center