Essential Oils for Dogs

What do you do now?

Lesson 24 Chapter 7

The question now BEGS, what do you do now???

Make a decision for your dog's wellness
. Do you want to keep spending all those dollars tryingkeep him or her well or for them to BE WELL?

Follow the ALPHAbet:

a. Follow the laws of health mandated in nature. N.E.W. S.T.A.R.T.

utrition (REAL food humans REAL food), Exercise (DAILY), Water (fresh unadulterated with toxic chemicals such as fluoride and chlorine), Sunshine (and supplements as needed), Temperance (all things in moderation) fresh Air, Rest (get those EMF things out of the bedrooms!), and Trust (in the previous 7 laws and trust in God). You can learn this in depth in Dr. Kim's course, DOGgone Wellness online. 

b.  Remove all the toxins as you can and replace them with good, natural ones as has been mentioned throughout this course. Use Young Living Essential Oils, my favorite, WOOF!

c.  Share the message with others so they too can be well - spirit, mind, body and let's not forget those finances.

So how do you do join so you can get started with your dog? Get back with the person who shared this course with you. They are eager to help you get your dog started on this oily drop, one dog at a time!

If you found us through an invitation from one of us get back with that person.

If you found us on your own, then you can get started with me. Just go to this page here on my website and I'll be happy to get you started as part of my pack and added to our FB group as well! 

If you are already a Young Living member, then stay with your sponsor and put your new DOGgone Oil-ucation into practice!

My hope, my dream, my wish for ALL of you is for you AND your dogs to BE WELL!!!

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