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This class isn't an all encompassing, mental health counseling type of class. It is about using simple tools (essential oils) to help rebalance your life. It is a step in the right direction.

There are SO many books nowadays that can help you with understanding your feelings and emotions that are also Christian faith-based (all my classes are based in the Christian faith). 

Texts to Consider:

1. Switch on Your Brain, and the entire catalog by Dr. Caroline Leaf. You can find her books on her website at www.drleaf.com or on Amazon.com 

2. Reagan, S., et al. (2014). Essential Oils in Animal Care: A naturopathic approach. (Soft cover). Willow Oak Publishing. TN, USA ISBN-10: 0988722232 ISBN-13: 978-0988722231 (for animal use) - I'm a co-author of this book.  Available on Amazon.com 

 You can also check out the DVDs/CDs by Dr. Corrine Allen at www.brainadvance.org


In this class you'll learn about our feelings and emotions, how our thoughts and words tie into all of that. I simply share what has worked for me. This is not meant to replace professional counseling or treatment. We go through the Young Living Essential Oils Feelings Kit and I share as my own team went through the 30 day challenge together in 2017. 

***Please note that some of the audios in this class were recorded from a no longer available podcast of which I was the primary host and creator. 

If you'd like to listen to my new podcast to learn more, go to Doggone-Truth.com  

Lastly just so you know, I am an animal naturopath. My own dog, Shadrach the Neo Mastiff is the reason for all of this - you can learn more by taking his class ReBARKably Scentable Canine.  

If you received value from this class and would like to donate any amount, it would be greatly appreciated. It is not required or an obligation. Thank you so much

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