Essential Oils for Dogs

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Lesson 1 Chapter 1

So the original and real title of this class is Oily Symphony but DIGGING Those Good Vibrations is just as appropriate as you'll discover. There are SO many books nowadays that can help you with understanding vibrational frequencies that are also faith-based. I've provided information on just one below so you start there by Andy Jenkins, who is a Platinum distributor in Young Living. It's truly a great textbook guide! 


1. Jenkins, A.E. (2016). The Field Guide to Healing: A step-by-step model to receive healing, lead a healing movement, & have fun imparting life to others. (Paperback). CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform. ISBN-10:1533442614 ISBN-13:978-1533442611 (fully a Christian faith-based text with references to many other texts should you desire to go deeper)

2. Reagan, S., et al. (2014). Essential Oils in Animal Care: A naturopathic approach. (Soft cover). Willow Oak Publishing. TN, USA ISBN-10:0988722232 ISBN-13:978-0988722231 (for animal use) - I'm a co-author of this book. 

3. Thompkins, P., Bird, C. (1989). The Secret Life of Plants: A fascinating account of the physical, emotional, and spiritual relations between plants and man.(Paperback). Harper & Row, Publishers. ISBN-10:0060915870 ISBN-13:978-0060915872

These books are all on Amazon

***Please note the audios were recorded from a no longer available podcast of which I was the primary host and creator. The other voice you hear occasionally was my co-host. 

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Photo by Dr. Kim Bloomer of her former sweet Carolina Dog girl, Schatzie circa 2013, All Rights Reserved. 

(FYI: all my classes are based in the Christian faith). 

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