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White Light

Lesson 30 Chapter 3

Fierce Seer with White Light blend

Just as the frankincense story is one of my favorites about Shadrach, this one is my favorite to date about Ezra. He and this oil blend, White Light, have a special story to share. I won't even give you a sneak peek here because it's much better if you read not only it, but the prequel to it titled The Fierce Seer as well. 

I've only used this oil on Ezra, I don't even use it on me, although I started out using it on me. I did the same thing with Shadrach on the blend Panaway - I never used it on me until he passed away. Not because I don't like either oil blend but because I conserve this blend for Ezra and the other I conserved for Shadrach. 

This blend is not available very often. When it is, it is during the Christmas season. 

To read this story in its entirety go here:

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White Light essential oil blend

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