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Zoomie Control

Lesson 16 Chapter 3

Zoomie Control King

When I wrote this story originally, King was only 4 years old. He's now 8 1/2 so some of his zooming and zoomies have left him. He still gets them from time-to-time. He does still get excited at mail delivery lol, but he's so much better because our puppy Ezra has picked up where he left off. King wants to show me he's such a good boy when Ezra isn't so much. I so love my Bubby Boy! 

The funny thing is, I've never used Gathering on him. I have used it a lot on myself. King was the reason I needed to learn to bring my own energy under control. It's because of him I really began using many of the oil blends that help with our emotional well-being. 

Gathering blend:

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