Essential Oils for Dogs

ReBARKably SCENT-able Canine

7 Chapters 30 Lessons Easy

About this course

This class is actually taught by Shadrach the Neo Mastiff!
Shadrach’s Motto: “Drool unto others as you would have them drool unto you.”
You'll learn about essential oils (Young Living ONLY of course) from Shadrach's point of view - which is a VERY large one at that! He will also share how it is because of these very essential oils he was able to lead a natural, whole health lifestyle. His human mom learned it all because of him!
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Course Structure

Section Six: Scent-able Wellness for Dogs 5 Lessons

Using the Oils

For a LOT more details on using the oils and all that happens in the body, how to protect your essential oils, etc., check out the Digging Those Good Vibrations , Essential Oils for Your Essential Canine, Nothing More Than Feelings, and the Oily Resource classes! Some of it overlaps and may be redundant but it doesn't hurt to go back through those things humans to really OWN it!
In the following video, my human shares with her Young Living team how she uses some oils with her dogs during one of her team Facebook Live teachings. 

Thank you for hanging out with us, WOOF!
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