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Treasures Out of Darkness

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Join me in this journey of wellness using faith, dogs and oils. Discover how you can live and BE WELL

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Legal Poop

The information contained in our courses/classes is not meant to prescribe, diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This information is provided for educational purposes only. I am an animal naturopath as are several of the others who teach in the other classes. ALL of us focus on natural, whole health.

This means:

I do not tell anyone how much of said remedy or supplement (for example) to give to his or her animals or how often. This is considering prescribing which animal naturopaths cannot do.

I do not tell anyone what is wrong with their animals whether we are asked in person or through photos or correspondence of any kind. This is considered diagnosing, which we cannot do.

I don’t tell anyone how we used various methods to heal our animals as this is considered curing.

I don’t tell them all the ways illness can be prevented – disease and illness prevention is allowed only within the parameters of licensed doctors such as veterinarians and chiropractors.

Suffice it to say when asked what the difference is between me and a veterinarian my simple response has become:

Animal naturopaths promote and build health and wellness. Veterinarians diagnose and treat disease.”

Do I know that our approach brings wellness to animals? Yes. The difference is we focus on wellness not dis-ease/illness.

Our role is to encourage, empower and guide people in order for them to have the knowledge to make their own informed decisions for their animals. Our role is to point and direct them to resources as well including those that have helped us in our own quest to support our animals so they thrive.

As a representative of the company (Independent Young Living Distributor/Member), I am subject to commercial speech. This means that all of my information included in this class will be “above the wellness line” to remain compliant. This means I will not be discussing disease and illness or how to treat it. I'm all about whole health here!

Please note that many of the oils I mention in this class are not animal specific, they are what I have chosen through my own personal experiences (as you'll learn through my personal stories) to utilize and apply to my own dogs. Again remember: the essential oils and any products mentioned in this class are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. This class is meant for educational purposes only - the choice to use this information is entirely up to you.  If your dog is pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or has a medical condition consult your veterinarian before using these products.

Statements included here have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The information contained in this class is meant for educational and informational purposes only, and to motivate you to make your own health care and dietary decisions for your dogs based upon your own research and in partnership with your natural animal care provider. Make your own informed decisions through your own personal responsibility and due diligence.

PS I am required by law to share all of the above...ask yourself why that would be.

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For more in depth information on using the oils, check out my Oily Resource Class!