Questions and Answers for the DOGgone Wellness Plan

Q. When do I receive access to the audios?
A. Immediately following payment.

Q. How do I access the audios?
A. You can login to your new account on Podbean (where the audios are hosted as premium podcast content) website or through the Podbean app.

Q. How do I get the handouts and links to the rest of the material?
A. After payment you’ll receive a follow up email from me with the link to the password protected page with the password to access all the material available for you on THIS WEBSITE (NOT the Podbean site). So the audios are hosted on Podbean, the handouts and other materials are hosted on this website.

Screen shot of audiosQ. Which audio do I start with?
A. The audios are listed in order from Welcome to the DOGgone Wellness Program forward for 45 audios that have the “lock” icon next to them. See the screen shot on the left here. All other audios are part of the free podcast which you also of course have access to. Focus on the lock icon audios for learning this wellness program though and that are ONLY available in the paid plan.

Q. How do I start raw feeding?
A. If you go through the plan from start to finish you’ll learn each step you need to know as the audios build upon each other. The audios are the WHY, the handouts are the HOW.

Q. What if I want to know exactly how to raw feed right away and skip some of the other stuff?
A. If you need exact instruction then you’ll want to obtain a private, paid consultation with me. Otherwise the handouts, audios, books, etc., will get you there as you take that journey so you can KNOW the material and APPLY it so your dog benefits with the knowledge you gain. My normal consultation fee ranges from $85-160 per hour depending on your level of knowledge and your need through the intake form I’ll have you fill out as well as questions I’ll ask so I can determine how much time investment will be needed. The reason I created this program is to make it much more affordable for you to learn all you’ll need to know to raise ANY dog of yours in a natural, whole health lifestyle.

Q. What else do I learn besides how to raw feed?
A. You learn what the foundation of health is and what it isn’t. Why to be proactive in the care of your dog. The causes of illness. Some of the solutions I use for my own dogs using my preferred natural modalities. The idea is for YOU to be empowered with the knowledge YOU learn, so that YOU can apply it all, and be the strong advocate for YOUR dog. Take a look at the audio topics on the DOGgone Wellness Plan page again and from there you can determine what you’ll be learning.

FYI: Soon (ETA is end of February 2020) the audios and the rest of the material will be hosted on ONE course provider platform. In addition this platform integrates a way for you to easily choose the option to purchase a Skype consult with me if you need that as well.