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The video for this lesson is on our topic of Emotions in Motion: 14 Oily Steps to Help Get Your Vibes Aligned

I have found that essential oils play a critical role in supporting us in releasing the trapped emotions within our bodies allowing for vibrational wellness to return. That is because essential oils get to the root of of removing locked emotions. Emotions dictate to us what we can or can’t accomplish as I have learned through Dr. Allen’s teachings. As I use the essential oils to support my emotional release, I do so prayerfully and with focused intention. I am amazed at all that has been able to transpire in my own life as a result. Lots of baggage being released, besides I prefer to travel light 🙂

“Actually, scientific evidence in the last half century clearly shows that your emotions – the good ones Music is what feelings sound likeand the bad – affect you in multiple ways: health, schoolwork, job performance, relationships and much more. Whether you feel them naturally or intentionally – today I will think only good thoughts – your emotions are kind of like the old adage, “you are what you eat.”  ~Emotions Can Change Your DNA

Essential oils and oil blends with higher frequency ranges work in the emotional and spiritual regions.

When your or your pet’s body is out of balance, Young Living’s pure, organic, therapeutic-grade essential oils may help the cells resonate at proper frequencies and increase the vibration of the entire body, restoring homeostasis to all systems, body, mind and spirit.  For instance, the emotions of fear and anxiety create an acidic condition that activates the transcript enzyme that transcribes that emotion onto the RNA template and stores it within the DNA. That emotion then becomes a predominant factor in our lives from that moment on. Essential oils can change that genetic structure by calming the the brain on essential oilscentral nervous system through the amygdala and pineal gland, enabling the release of stored trauma and negative emotions.

We are a physical manifestation of what we think and believe!

The following audio is on my notes from the class on using essential oils for emotions at the Young Living 2016 Live Your Passion Convention taught by the Founder, Gary Young:

Dissonance – Harsh, discordant, and lack of harmony. Also a chord that sounds incomplete until it resolves itself on a harmonious chord.

Here is a DVD on Releasing Love – Rejecting Fear with Dr. Corinne Allen that has been very helpful for me. Two Young Living essential oils you’ll want to have when doing the practicum are Idaho Blue Spruce and Idaho Balsam Fir.


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