How to Use the Oils

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The Vitality Line is specifically for internal use.

You don’t want to take too long to begin using your oils. Don’t worry they are not at all scary – conventional cleaning products, now THOSE are scary! It’s just a new, and very proactive way to THINK about doing things and letting go of convention that truly isn’t healthy for you and your family – two and four-leggeds.

Just like you feel…

Taking too long

Well that is how you will feel if you take too long to get started receiving all those amazing benefits of your essential oils, supplements and the rest of the Young Living line of products!

So here are some handy tips to get you started…

How to use essential oils



FAQ on EOs

And the simplest, easiest and often most effective way to use essential oils? DIFFUSE THEM!

Science of Diffusing essential oils

For newbies in essential oils
Black rocks? Quartz, tourmaline. Yes, to offset the chaotic, damaging manmade frequencies that your cell phone emits that can damage your oils.

Quick Tips on EO Safety

Tempo: the speed at which a piece or passage of music is meant to be played

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