Nature’s Symphony

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Did you know that everything in nature also sings, has a frequency and vibrates? Nothing is still. But it makes sense since Creator God sings, why wouldn’t His creation?

The earth sings and all the planets sing:


Article: NASA Discovers Stars and Planets Give Off Music

Animals and plants sing (vibrate – and for them it is also a form of communication) – mice, birds, crickets, elephants, whales, cats, plants.

Birds in first day of spring

We all know birds sing and in the morning, which begs the question, why?: What Is the Dawn Chorus?

Mice: Did you know that mice sing? Oh yes they sure do. They sound like whales when the sounds is slowed down for the human ear to hear. Very interesting.

Elephants rumble to a Barry White sort of tune to bring on the mood for mating!–frequency-low-hear-them.html  “It allows the animals to communicate over distances of up to six miles. The low-pitched elephant calls, occupying a frequency range below 20 Hertz, may seem to have little in common with human singing.”

the healing purr of a cat

Whales sing, we all know that!

Fish is to the coral reef what birds are to trees/plants: Fish Sing a Dawn Chorus Like Songbirds

Bees communicate with plants through vibration: See How Bees Sense Flowers Electric Field

Trees communicate with and support each other: Trees and Nature Have Their Own Way of Communicating and Taking Care of Their Surroundings

But did you know that PLANTS sing? Okay so now we are getting to the essential oils because after all they come from plants. Their essential oils are their form of communication to each other – they send out scents of warning to each other among other things.  “Plants are very much alive. Not only do they dislike human noise but they also posses the capacity to learn and communicate….Perhaps even more astonishing is that plants can also make music.

This is really fascinating. More and more of this information is emerging all the time. Connect this to the essential oils in plants and I hope the light begins to shine on what is really happening when we choose to use essential oils to enhance our lives.: Research Reveals Plants Can Think, Choose and Remember – “Plants are far more intelligent and capable than we given them credit. In fact, provocative research from 2010 published in Plant Signaling & Behavior proposes that since they cannot escape environmental stresses in the manner of animals, they have developed a “sophisticated, highly responsive and dynamic physiology…

With each of us striving for a place in the sun it causes us all to grow taller.” ~Paul Harvey


The Well Person: A symphony in harmony

Singing Daily

Chorus – a group singing in unison


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