DOGgone Wellness

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DOGgone Wellness

I am an animal naturopath (aka ‘animal health coach’). My role is a supportive one, empowering you with the knowledge and information you need to make wise and informed decisions for your pet’s health and well being.

I specifically focus on the canine. I am experienced in the use of therapeutic essential oils for animals (specifically Young Living). Since the U.S.A. does not recognize non-traditional degrees and training, I am not a licensed health care provider for animals. Therefore, my services are strictly in the form of wellness programs and Q&A sessions (see below) based to guide and empower YOU as YOUR dog’s caregiver.

My wellness programs have been designed from years of consulting with clients one-on-one. They will give you the foundation you need without a lot of expense. You also will have unlimited access to any program you invest in.


Click HERE for details on this program!

Photo is of my former dog, Meshach, a Great Dane puppy. His life was short but he taught me much. His memorial page is here: In Memory of Meshach

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