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October 2017 – BONE-afiably Good!
December 2017 – Love Come Down

Young Living Essential Oils
Photo by YL Independent Distributor, Brittany Garibaldi, ID#3009286

This page includes links to videos I’ve done on my own life journey in using Young Living Essential Oils using primarily Periscope. And newsletters I write for my own Young Living members. Each is order of newest to oldest:


My Personal Wellness Journey:
Be Well – an allegory
Wellness Journey Initiated by Neo Mastiff
Let’s Chat About Wellness, Purpose and Abundance

Personal Use:
Pretty Smelling – Stinky Feeling
The Paint, The Paint!
Respiratory System Support
Story of the “Lost Glasses”
A New Start
Toxic Skies – How We Support Our Bodies
Smoothie Adventure
A Funky Situation
Under the AromaDome
Essential Oils with Animals
Well Adjusted

Public Adventures:
Renewing Our Minds
Joyful Celebration
Anniversary Dinner at M’Tuccis

Generating an Income:
MLM is a Pyramid? Really?

Young Living Silver Retreat 2016 – what I learned:
Your SkyDive?
Bloom Where You Are Planted!


Fulfilling YOUR Destiny
Diffusing the Fragrance
Lifestyle Environment
Vibrant Health
The Simplicity of It
Your Worth
‘Tis the Season to Be Transformed
On Fire!
The Silver Experience
No Excuses
The Why
CAninE sCenTs
Come As You Are
Live Your Passion
Essentially Canine
Beauty from the Inside
Two Are Better Than One
Be in Health
One More Time
A New Day
Frankly, I Give a Darn!
Focus, Attitude and Appreciation
Joy Comes in the Morning
Scent-Able Canine
Living Life
Resolve to Be Well
Oily Symphony
Gift of Wellness
Attitude of Gratitude
Let’s Be Frank
Diffusing the Situation
What Is Your Why?
Frequencies, Wellness, Vibrations

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