Holistic Pet Care

American Bully puppy

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Here you’ll find all the different websites associated with providing you the knowledge to care for your pet holistically, naturally, preventively.

Natural Rearing Breeders Association…Top Breeders, Behaviorists, Trainers, Veterinarians, Natural Animal Health Care Practitioners, Exhibitors, Boarding or Day Care Facilities – people who are crazy about dogs and want the ultimate in care for them. If you are looking for naturally reared dogs, this is the place to go! Visit www.NRBreedersAssociation.org

Raw Pet Digest – An online magazine for dog and cat lovers that explores raw feeding, natural health care, the mind/body/spirit connection, and everything in between. Click HERE to receive the inaugural issue of this digital magazine FREE! Or SUBSCRIBE now for just $15 for one year of jammed packed articles on raising your carnivore companions naturally!

Canine Health Concern was formed in 1994 by Catherine O’Driscoll, after two of her beautiful young Golden Retrievers – Oliver and Prudence – tragically died. She asked, ‘why?’, and the answers that came back were sufficiently disturbing to make her feel that independent research was necessary – free from commercial bias. Catherine was sent scientific papers which told her that commercial pet food was nutritionally inadequate, and that many deficiency diseases are the direct result of poor feeding. She also learned that the annual shots we give to our pets each year, in the belief that we are protecting them from disease, are actually the largest cause of ill health in our pets today.

Coastal Canine…The Premier Magazine for Dog Lovers on the Central Coast and Beyond! An upbeat, entertaining, and informational magazine for dog lovers who enjoy hiking, traveling, and dining with their canine companions. We strive to provide wellness and training information as well as other resources to assist dog lovers in providing the best care for their four legged friends.

Golden Pawprints – Home of naturally raised Golden Retrievers. You’ll enjoy photos, videos, and many educational resources so you too can learn how to naturally rear your dog.

Goji Juice – Goji-Dog.com. Experience natural health with Himalayan Goji Juice for yourself AND your dog!

Lose Weight With TAIslim and check out their weight loss blog here TAIslim Weight Loss Blog

Healing Human Paws – a service where animals and humans can feel better naturally.

Mickey’s Pet Supplies… Natural pet store for Organic, Holistic, Eco-friendly pet supplies- Organic dog treats and chews, Tough dog toys and more for low prices with personal service.

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