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D. Gary Young the world leader in essential oilsGary’s Book – I have so much to say on this! I got it as part of the December 2018 Essential Rewards USA promos. I hadn’t ever really thought about ordering it before. I love the teaching books more I guess – it turns out this is a HUGE teaching book on LIFE! So my bad for not understanding the value of this book. But I sure do now!

Anyway, I’m SO glad I got this book FINALLY and for free through our Essential Rewards Program in December 2018! It is available in the Virtual Office to members for $24.95 (no PV).

So what all is there to say? Well I’m glad you asked lol…I thought I knew so much about YL and even Gary. I didn’t know even a 1/4 of what I THOUGHT I did until I started reading this book!

To think this man built this business to what it is today is SO encouraging as well as mind boggling all at once.

Some highlights I’ve read so far – we almost didn’t have a YL company if Gary’s original plan had worked out.
1. He left home at age 18 and moved to Canada to build his own logging business. Which he did and was successful at. However, he had a logging accident at age 24 and the horrific amount of injury to his body that happened as a result still has me marveling that he lived through it all. So many broken and crushed bones and he was paralyzed.
2. As a result he lost every bit of his business – all equipment, the land, everything. He lost his first family – wife and two children. She left him as they were broke and his body and mind were broken. He was in the hospital for a long time.

3. He tried to kill himself twice as he didn’t want to live after all that loss. He really did lose everything and his ability to do what he loved.

4. He was a very depressed and broken man. Then his dad came into his room one day and really shook him up, told him to stop feeling sorry for himself and get up out of that bed. If I remember correctly this was after the one last time he tried to die by starvation. Yes starvation. He quit eating for 253 days and LIVED. He drank only water and lemon water. Funny thing is, his body started healing.

5. It took 13 long years for him to heal and for him to walk again totally. The story gets better and better. What shook me up was his unbelievable determination after losing everything. Maybe he had to lose it all to gain all he did. He had to have a reason outside of himself to build all of this. I’m so glad he didn’t succeed at taking his own life. I was very moved by that as I’ve had 3 family members (a nephew, my only sister and a cousin) all succeed at doing that very thing over the last 4 years.

All I know is after just getting 1/4 of the way through the book (yep all of the above is only 1/4 of the book!) I KNOW how blessed I am to be in this business and experiencing these oils as well as sharing them with others.
My own life has changed dramatically also – not to the extent of Gary’s of course but it REALLY has!
Gary had nothing else to lose but his life – which as it turns out was a whole heck of a lot. And he had no where else to go but up and did he ever go up!

I honestly think every new customer ought to read this book. To realize what we have and also to realize if we put our minds to something we can overcome and do great things!

When you learn HOW Gary built this business I think you’ll be even more impressed – wow what a journey, what a life, what a man!

GET THIS BOOK you will NOT regret it!!
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