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Of course this subject has been broached here many times here, but it always bears repeating as a reminder to people that there is always a more natural alternative for keeping your home clean in place of toxic chemical cleaners. The overuse of all these “anti” products have been wrecking their own form of havoc on our health – and not one I care to indulge at this point in my life. “Anti” means against...

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Replacing Chemical Household Cleaners with Natural Ones

Natural Cleaners for the Home

Posted By on Apr 25, 2011

I wonder how many people know that one of the primary reasons our indoor air quality is so poor is because of all the chemicals used in the home for cleaning, debugging, dishes, laundry, pest control, personal hygiene, off-gassing from new paint, furniture, flooring, etc.? Because marketing has been so effective in the media for touting the benefits of these products without (of course) teaching you about the side effects, I’d...

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