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Hello and welcome to my Team Member page! I’m the one very few of you know about but I am the Golden One who got Mom started down this whole health path. Granted I did it in my gentle, tolerant, Golden way so it took Shadrach to blast the path wide open like he did. I passed from this earthly realm on January 18, 1999. I was born on April 2, 1986 and I was a dream puppy to mom….until…

My first petite mal seizure began on the day after I received my first rabies vaccine. Mom didn’t know all she knew now about that but she filed it away in that brain of hers and draws from that now.

As the years passed (I lived almost 13 years as a conventionally raised dog) she continued to do everything conventionally. My only saving grace? I was left intact (as most male dogs at least were back then) so I didn’t have to overcome the loss of needed hormones, and Dad snuck me raw meat all the time. Mom was so stuck as a veterinary technician in conventional thinking that she followed it as if it were a religion. I guess it has become that for a majority of humans sadly since my passing from the earthly realm.

She learned from me though. She started to notice that the trigger for my seizures was pesticides! YAY, when she learned that, she stopped all pesticides inside and outside in the yards! That minimized the occurrences of my seizures but never eliminated them bepaws she kept on vaccinating me. Sigh. My last set of vaccines (yes I received ALL of them ANNUALLY) I quickly declined and not too long afterward is when I passed from this earth.

Mom noticed changes in me. I always had skin and ear troubles all my life. Hotspots, ear infections, mites, even a terrible infestation of ticks once even though I was on all that so-called prevention stuff that is really nothing more than poisons.

At any rate, she learned eventually with Shadrach. With me though it wasn’t to be. I was her sweet Fridge boy though. She loved me a lot and was very sad when I passed. So sad she waited almost a year to have another dog. She said she didn’t think she’d ever want another after me. I’m really glad she didn’t stay stuck there.

You can read about me in her books and also in the book, How to Immunize Your Dogs Without Vaccines by Aleksandra Mikic. My full story along with Shadrach and Meshach’s stories are in that book too!

Mom still thinks of, dreams of, loves and misses me to this day. I know we’ll be reunited one day and I’ll be waiting for her with my every waggin’ tail, WOOF! Until then though, I get to also participate on this blog now as an angel dog in 2021 – exactly what this year needs, WOOF! Be sure to check out my category Fridge’s Views on the blog. There isn’t much there YET but there will be! I’ll even be mentioned more on the podcast now too since Dad is co-host, WOOF! I’m also in the BE WELL book (now in audio too) alongside all the other blogging dogs on this team – but they forgot to tell you about it hehe. I’m glad I get to! I’m also on the podcast!

And He said to them, ‘Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature’.” ~Mark 16:15, NKJV

There are no videos of me but that doesn’t mean Mom doesn’t love me always and forever! It’s just that media was different when I was on earth – video was rare!

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