Meshach the Great Dane

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On September 17, 2012 I was given relief from my severe seizures so I could go romp in heaven with Shadrach and all the other dogs that graced my humans lives. I was only 15 months old but I lived a lot of life in those 15 months! Mom felt like it was FAR before my time and quite frankly it was. She has learned a lot. She used to think God took me home after gifting me to her, but she has learned He would NEVER do that! He gives life and abundantly, WOOF!

She has said that bepaws of my suffering my legacy is all the sweeter knowing that and that I left a huge paw print of kindness behind. I really did love everyone and every dog I ever met. If they didn’t like me back it would baffle me a bit but I never held that against them. Bepaws of love, I just gave them their space and went happily about my ways – which Mom always said were sweeter than sweet. She loved me a lot and I know she still does. I’m really glad she doesn’t cry as much over me now although I know she still misses me terribly. The good news is one day we will be reunited! I think on that day I’ll join Shadrach and just both of us knock her over with our BIG exuberance and kiss her ALL over her face, WOOF!

I taught Mom many important things such as epigenetics, spiritual warfare and LOVE. While she very sadly spiraled down into an abyss after my passing for a time, her journey since as a result of all I taught her has led to a much better outlook and focus on the things that really matter in life. I’m really glad she listened to God through all of the sadness she felt in my passing and subsequent human passings in her life.

My breed has always held a special place for her and always will I know which makes me very happy.

I’m pictured here sitting here in my chair, considered by many to be the Throne of a Prince – she concurs! The new reigning King the American Bully decided it needed a bit of dismantling as per his bully style!! I’m okay with that though, he takes good care of Dad and Mom along with Ezra now, so what’s a chair anyway right?

Check out my Memorial Page to learn more about me and my earthly Ambassadorship and to experience the many faces of Me! You can still find me on the blog with posts I shared while I was still earthbound. Mom says she received an outpouring of love at my passing which was exactly how I had hoped!

Mom says I am forever loved, never forgotten and inspiring to this day! I’m SO excited to now be a contributing angel alongside Fridge, Shadrach and Schatzie to the blog, WOOF! I know I’m glad to not see all the development taking over my desert refuge on earth but one day, there won’t even be any desert, just indescribable beauty of heaven which I hope I can share some of with you all, WOOF!  Be sure to check out my category Meshach’s Views on the blog! I’m on the podcast too!

Be Happy and BE Love Humans!

But now ask the beasts, and they will teach you; And the birds of the air, and they will tell you;“…~Job 12:7, NKJV

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