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Hello and welcome to my team member page. I am now forever THE BEAUTY QUEEN. I no longer have to be the scavenger queen. Why? Bepaws, I went onto heaven January 10, 2019. I wanted to stay longer for Mom’s sake bepaws she was so very sad at my illness and then my passing. I know bepaws God keeps me informed on all that is going on, on earth – it’s rather hectic there now it seems. Also much of my desert landscape has suddenly began being heavily developed in 2020, so it’s not what it once was. Mom is glad I didn’t have to experience all of the changes.

I used to be able to sniff out and dig up anything, especially if it was rotting hehe – YUM! I LOVED to be the first one awake every day too so I could pace the tile floors and clack my toe nails along the tile floor until both my humans were aware it was TIME to get up! King may be King, but I was his REIGNING pack leader and he always deferred to my Beauty Queen status – I understand he has some challenges with Young Ezra, especially as he’s a Carolina Dog too and we love to be the boss.

I relished my reigning status with dignity though…well except I also liked to scoot my behind along freshly shampooed carpet from time to time to ensure I had properly marked my indoor domain. I was always thrilled at grooming time every day and I never let Mom (Dr. Kim) forget it was TIME to groom us – mostly bepaws I KNEW we were going to get a treat reward afterward. And also bepaws I very much loved my Beauty Queen status. My favorite things to do were eat, go for walks, boss King around, and sleep. I was the reining Queen after all! Still Jesus treats me like a Queen now and it’s so nice here I’d not want to go back to earth for any reason other than to see Mom, Dad and King again.

My favorite game to play, besides the barking game (I never did howl – King and Mom compete on that. Yep, Mom is a weird animal girl hehe), was to play-nip mom into going outside for her daily sunbathing. That always made me feel REAL important doing that and she just laughed and laughed which made me very happy too! I used to “snake neck” her and slap King around with my forelegs during all of this interaction bepaws it made me feel like I was part of a wolf pack hehe.

As King said, Mom makes up songs for all her dogs even though she really can’t sing well at all. She created a special song just for me too of course. It is sung to the tune of “Pretty Woman” by Roy Orbison. It goes like this, “Schatzie girl, walking down the street, oh Schatzie girl, she’s pretty as can be. Oh Schatzie girl, we’re so glad you found us. Schatzie girl, smart as can be, oh Schatzie girl and how we love her so, oh Schatzie girl, we’re so glad you found us, oh Schatzie girl!” She sings another one about how pretty I am and I get VERY happy when I hear that one, woof!

To learn more about my breed (I am not a mixed breed dog but rather a Carolina Dog) so go HERE to learn more about our native American beginnings.

If you want to learn more about my and King’s story and how we came to be part of Team Aspenbloom Pet Care, check out our blog post on that here: Lost But Now Found

“But Jesus looked at them and said to them, ‘With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.'” ~Matthew 19:26, NKJV

I passed into the heavenly realm on January 10, 2019 so be sure to check out my Memorial Page. Mom has really missed me so I’m SO excited that Jesus is allowing my participation on this blog (starting in 2021) as an angel dog! Be sure to read my category Schatzie’s Views on the blog.

Videos of me and my boyfriend King…

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