Aspenbloom Pet Care


Hello and welcome to Aspenbloom Pet Care. My name is Dr. Kim Bloomer.
Let’s start this visit by clarifying first:

* I am NOT a veterinarian – holistic, natural or otherwise. This means I do not diagnose, prescribe or treat animals – that is the role of a licensed veterinarian.

* I am an ANIMAL NATUROPATH. This means my sole role is to guide and empower YOU with confidence, through education, to remove any of your preconceived fears associated with health and illness enabling YOU to make YOUR own choices in transforming the lives of YOUR dogs while promoting and building health and wellness for your dogs.

It is so encouraging to me to find out how more and more people are desiring to care for their pets according to their needs and nature.

Here are some facts to help you build confidence in me while I support and encourage you with your pet wellness needs:

The original inspiration for everything began with my special, sweet, amazing dog, Shadrach, a Neapolitan Mastiff. My philosophy and mission are a result of all that I learned through the love of my larger than life boy. Shadrach’s story is told in my book, Animals Taught Me That. He is the reason I began writing and blogging on natural pet health. Because he constantly challenged me to grow and learn more and to provide for him better, I decided to go back to school to become an animal naturopath. I studied human health as well receiving both my Doctor of Veterinary Naturopathy and my Doctor of Naturopathy. Shadrach lived to be nearly twelve years of age even with his very poor, abusive start in life with his first owners, and my conventional rearing of him for the first few years of his life. He is also the reason my faith increased exponentially and changed my way of life.

That sealed the deal for me in knowing in my heart of hearts how much we have strayed from nature’s provision for animals as their stewards (which God gave us to do) to suit our desires and convenience rather than theirs. Because of Shadrach and all the dogs before him who taught me in their own special ways (especially Floppsy, Leben and Fridge), as well as those that have come since – Meshach a Great Dane, King an American Bully and Schatzie and Ezra both Carolina Dogs – it is my lifelong mission to help them, any future dogs and the clients who come to me to help their dogs. Shadrach didn’t inspire me to stop at caring only for him, but for all dogs so they too could live longer, healthier, happier lives.

The inspiration for my company name is for my love of the aspen trees here in New Mexico, the love of animals, and to see their good health bloom as God intended. That is my jam and I hope you join me in this dance for the health and wellbeing of your dog and you!

I am the Co-Founder of the former online school, the American Council of Animal Naturopathy (2011-2018), and the primary host and creator of the former podcast Animal Talk Naturally (2005-2018), both of which are now formally closed and ended. However, I now have a new podcast (2018), the DOGgone Truth .

I have dedicated myself to ongoing and extensive education and research into true natural animal care and health; as well as an exploration of hands-on experience in animal nutrition and naturopathic lifestyle with my own dogs as well as working with those seeking a healthier lifestyle and longer life for their pets.

My love for animals has always been my passion and how God has always taught me. You can read what my clients have to say and it is with humble gratitude that they have allowed me the privilege of working with them and their pets so they too can live longer, healthier, happier lives.

I know that all healing comes from God, He is the Healer (Jehovah Rapha) – I am the conduit He uses.

My goal is to promote health not treat disease. To have life-long healthy pets that are thriving not merely surviving. I know that species appropriate nutrition is the most critical component for long and healthy lives for our animals which we have neglected for far too long. It is time for us to get back to nature and look for our answers there. To honor each animal species as they are, not as we desire to them to be for our needs, recreation and conveniences. For the mental, emotional and physical well being of them for their sakes as much as, if not more than, for ours. Healthcare is not waiting until an illness presents and then treating it with toxins masquerading as medicine, but it is preventing illness while promoting health in the first place through lifestyle choices!!

Naturopathy is NOT a method, it IS a lifestyle!

A little more about Kim:
Animal naturopath, Dr. Kim Bloomer’s interest in the world of animal health goes back to her childhood when as a ten-year old she proclaimed she’d be a veterinarian when she “grows up“. Kim later proceeded to work in a variety of animal-related jobs with her first job in a pet store where she noticed the health of the animals less than desirable. She then went on to work in various dog kennels and eventually veterinary medicine.

Through her own natural health self-discovery as a Fine Arts major with a dance emphasis at the University of NM, Kim desired to always know more about natural health and then apply what she learned to her own health.

Because of her training in traditional veterinary medicine she thought all she did for her wonderful dogs was the right way to care for them although there was always a bit of nagging doubt in the back of her mind.

Through the love of her three special dogs, a Great Dane named Leben, a Golden Retriever named Fridge, and a Neapolitan Mastiff named Shadrach, Dr. Kim learned what her dogs needed all along to thrive and not just survive. She felt compelled to share that knowledge with the world rather than rest upon that knowledge for her own benefit. (She has since had three more dogs -two of which are still with her – to help her learn even more and to bring that special love only a canine bring to her life.)

This led to her ongoing blogging efforts to share how to care for animals naturally, with a special emphasis on dogs, by writing about it. Her blogging efforts culminated in her authoring the book Whole Health for Happy Dogs with veterinarian Dr. Jill Elliot, her own books, Animals Taught Me That, & Be Transformed, Be Renewed, Be Well and lastly the book Essential Oils in Animal Care: A Naturopathic Approach co-authored with her colleagues, Sarah Reagan and Jeannie Thomason. Her writing has been published on many websites, as well as in newspapers and magazines.

In 2011 she and her colleague Dr. Jeannie Thomason instituted the first American Council of Animal Naturopathy in order to set a standard in animal naturopathy and the only place to obtain certification courses in true natural animal health coaching. The school officially closed to the public in April 2018.