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In Memory of Schatzie

In Memory of Schatzie

Heavenly pose for a heavenly dog
Our Beauty Queen

Schatzie girl, my beautiful Carolina Dog aka Girl Girl, Beauty Queen, Running Wolf, Pretty Girl, Tots, June Bug has left us for her heavenly home. Audios about Schatzie and her story are on my podcast.

On January 10, 2019 she left us at approximately 2PM in the afternoon.

She arrived on a very hot summer June morning in 2013 and left us on a cold January afternoon in 2019. Our hearts are broken – Donnie, King and I. King is having a very hard time with missing her but I am helping him to the best of my ability to grieve her loss. We have promised him one day God will send another companion for him to grace our home.

Carolina Dog and American Bully in love
Schatzie and King – they SO loved each other!

Schatzie’s absence is so greatly felt and yet she walked so lightly upon this earth that if I didn’t feel the deep void in our home and the deep paw prints she left upon my heart I don’t think we’d even know she’d been here. She was a very clean dog, and preferred playing with her family over toys. She wasn’t a dog that played with toys.

When she first came here it was like we had a wolf living with us. She was so quiet, but she was a fast learner and learned all the “noise” from King!

Schatzie was the BEST girlfriend I’ve had in my adult years. I don’t say that to offend any of my current friends, but let’s face it – she lived with me and she still loved me!

She did so many things to help me grow and stretch. I’m only now beginning to realize just how much she really impacted my life. Her biggest legacy to me was how much she modeled our Savior to me.

Thank you Beauty Queen, you’re forever so deeply imprinted upon my heart I sometimes wonder how I’ll go forward without you – but I must so your legacy is delivered and shared. I love you with all my heart girl girl and I am SO grateful I got to have you in my life for the short 5 1/2 years you were with us. Thank you my darling girl, I love you always and forever – as do Daddy and King. You left a huge void my sweet, beautiful girl girl.

Schatzie – 2006? – January 10, 2019. GODSPEED my sweetheart!

Thank you to those of you, my friends, who were with me through this. I love you each so much. You know who you are.

Thank you to my sweet sister friend, Brandy Redmond’s mom, who created all of these beautiful graphics for me!!

A short clip of our desert walk:

A video I made of King & Schatzie shortly after she came to live with us – I thought she was a mixed breed but my Carolina Dog friends showed me she was indeed one of their own:

Schatzie dissing King lol

The Defender Team

My hope with this is to encourage you and also always empower you.

Schatzie’s Motto: Model Jesus, HE is the Solution in Life!

Schatzie’s Nicknames: Beauty Queen (her favorite), Running Wolf, Girl Girl, Tots, Pretty Girl, June Bug

The meaning of her name:  She came to us with this name which we kept and we’re so glad we did: This is a German name that means sweetheart, darling, treasure.

The following comments came from my friends on my Facebook timeline, my business page and emails. So many and so

Carolina Dog with head in lap of human
Me and my precious Girl Girl

encouraging! I am grateful for each and every single one. Family members called and sent cards, and gave so much love. Friends have sent cards as well. They know that my dogs are my family. Donnie, King and I are missing every day she is absent but we are eternally grateful for the time we did have with her. Thank you God, you knew exactly and always do know of course what we needed. She is now free of her suffering and whole, well and happier than she could ever be. Thank you Lord, I praise you!

Here are the comments:

“My heart breaks for you Kim, but rejoices in knowing you both came into each other’s life for great purpose. Through you Schatzie knew love, protection and caring. Through Schatzie you learned magical lessons that only other dog owners with a deep and special connection to their dog can understand. The magic is real, the love is powerful and the bond is eternal. May God bless you through this Kim and may God bless and hold Schatzie until you meet again.” 💜🙏🏼Margie

“Oh no…..I’m so sorry for your loss. Schatzie is a beautiful fur angel who will always be by your side….until you meet again! The blessing is Schatzie chose you as her Mom. She loved you & thanks you for the beautiful life you gave her. She is following the Messiah around and telling Him all about you. The void is irreplaceable and sadly, time doesn’t heal grief. I look forward to the glorious day when we are all reunited with our fur babies & the Messiah who will take all our tears away forever… (Hugs) ❤❤Play in Peace Schatzie ❤ Sending (Hugs) to you & Donnie ❤❤” Sonja

“Oh, no! So sorry for your loss 😥” Aleks Mikic

Carolina Dog Schatzie on the Move
Schatzie on the move!

“Sending you and Donnie hugs! So very sorry. Run free Schatzie over the Rainbow Bridge into the arms of Jesus. You will have many friends to play with until your family comes and be with you. Hugs and prayers to you, Kim, Donnie and King.💔” Lynn Tudor

“Oh, Kim. I’m so sorry.” Lynn Parker

“Dear Kim and Donnie, I’m so, so sorry to hear this sad news. Thera nothing that will take away the pain but also nothing will take away all the fond memories Shatzie brought you. Prayers for Shatzie and for her humans. 💔” Deirdre O’Malle

“Awww…so very sorry. She was well loved. What treasured memories you have. All good thoughts to sustain you, dear Kim. Many have never experienced this love…you were blessed! 😏” Liza Kendall Christian

“I’m so sorry Kim! 💔💔💔” ~Brette Inman Welch

“Oh I am so sorry. Rest softly dear Schatzie. Job well done as a companion and teacher. Peace light and love to ALL who miss her on this earthly plane❤️🐾🙏” Brenda Utzerath

“Oh Kim, I am truly sorry for your loss of Schatzie! Know how hard it is we lost our Rathy Dec 19th, totally not expected, so we are struggling here as well. Hugs! 💔” Connie HacheyCarolina Dog and American Bully dog hanging out together

“Schatzie thaught you so much Kim, things that no education or books could do. She has helped thousands of pets around the world through you and will help many more. What a legacy! She will never be forgotten. Wish you and Donnie the best in these difficult times, it will get better. The beautiful memories help us heal ❤️❤️” Thomas Sandberg

“Oh no!!!!! I’m so sorry Kim Bloomer… Sending big hugs…😔” Carissa Hernandez

“I’m so sorry. Praying for you.” Lisa Bregant

“Kim & Donnie… so very sorry on your loss of Schatzie. Damnit Kim, I am so very sorry. You have had more than your share of losses the last few years. They leave paw prints on our hearts and souls. Know she will be there with your others when the time comes. I hope you take comfort knowing that. Such amazing teachers they are. I only wish they could stay with us longer.May all your wonderful memories help heal your 💕 hearts. 🐶🐾” Julie Shaw

“I am so sorry for your loss. 😥” Darci Michaels

Carolina Dog on the Move“Omg!!! So sorry for your loss… I didnt know she was sick… any dog to be touched by your hands is so lucky and fortunate… your gave her a great and blessed life… Godspeed🌺💕🙏🌸 🌺💕🌸 our furbabies are hard to replace always leave a void in our heart🌺. They are here for a good time not a long time and they cherish everyday💕” Doris Parreno

“So sorry to hear of your great loss! She was much loved and will be deeply missed.” Faye Durham

“Oh Kim Im so very sorry to hear this. 😢 sending hugs your way in this difficult time. My heart breaks for you. 😘” Teri Morrocco-Tillaart

“Oh no Kim that is sooooo terrible!!! I believe I was talking to you on Thursday and I didn’t realize things were at the terminal stage that is soooo sad. They are such amazing friends 🙁 🙁 🙁 ” Terry Tillaart

“Kim Bloomer! I am so sorry to miss this … have been wrapped up in a few joyous days which makes seeing your sadness even sadder!😢 Sending a hug and prayers for peace in your heart. ❤️” Lisa Murray

“My heart aches dear Kim💔 Sending love and hugs to you and Donnie and of course dear King❤️ She will be dearly missed🐾 ((HUGS))) She was the best companion for you Kim, and your special walks. You shared SO many beautiful memories (and photos) that they are etched in your heart and soul❤️ As you walk the walk without her physical presence her beautiful memories will fill your soul❤️ She left you an ever lasting impression of herself and you will sense it as you walk along the path she walked❤️” Maggie Bell-Putnam

Jesus kissing Schatzie girl
She is with Him now and free of her suffering

“So saddened to read this. I remember when she came to live with you. Her life was enriched and extended when she joined your family. Our sweet precious dog companions fill our hearts with so much love and give us important life lessons, don’t they? It’s always hard when they leave their physical bodies, but she will always be in your heart. And we know we will be with our animal companions again when we move on to the next life. Love you girlfriend!” Carole Milligan

“Schatzie will be waiting for you on the other side of the rainbow bridge. Love is never forgotten. May your heart heal in time – With sympathy and hugs and living memories. 💕❤️” Ann Echols

“I’m so sorry for your loss. I remember when you saved her from your neighbor. She’s in a better place with all of our fur babies.” Erica Danow

“I am so sorry for your loss. I enjoy the pictures and stories and always the learning that our animal friends bring to us. Schatzie had such a beautiful and wise look. ❤️” Keryl Ashbach

“Hugs to you and Donnie and King… it’s always so hard …she was an amazing Girlie 💖🐕💖” Jane Gordon

“I’m so sorry Kim. I know how much you loved her.” Barbara Adams Kimmons

“Oh no Dr. Kim I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. No words can express my sadness or take away the hurt. Never forget her sweetness and enduring love for her Mommy and Daddy you both treated her like royalty! She is on the other side watching and waiting. My sincerest condolences to you and your husband. Losing a pet is never easy.” Melinda Minjares

Our beautiful Carolina Dog“Oh I’m so sorry Kim, I’m so sorry. Sending you love.” Jackie Coufal

“I am so deeply sorry for your loss. 💔 sending love and healing energy your way.” Hilary Sloan

“Oh Kim, I am so very sorry. My heart is with you and your family. A lifetime is not enough. She was destined to be yours and she touched us all who know you. ♥Beautiful tribute to such a special friend.💚” Cheryl York Olmstead

“Oh my goodness Kim! I’m so sorry…you know you were the best mom that wonderful dog could have ever had.😢😢” Cathyrn Mills

“Oh I am so, so deeply sorry. Hugs! We will light a candle for her journey.” Angela Rector

“Oh hon I’m so sorry for your tremendous loss. I just lost one of mine on the 9th.
Much love to you and your family❤️” Michelle L. Thomison

“Oh my Kim . 😢 I am so very sorry to hear this. Schatzie is one special girl with so much character. You know my heart is with you during this very difficult time. You were the best mom to her ..both blessed to have one anither ..🙏❤️RIP She sure was a beauty queen….she will always be. Ah Kim, i feel your pain girl , i do. Holding you close 😔♥️” Rita Giorgio-Masson

“Awe Kim,I’m so sorry for your loss. The hole they leave in our hearts is so deep. Thinking of you…” Inez Wilson

“Oh Kim, I’m so so sorry. You guys loved her so very much and have her such a safe loving home! I’ll never forget when you “got” her. She loved you all and King so much!!! Your in my thoughts and prayers. Sending you my deepest love.” Shelly Marie Dollar Witt

Carolina Dog scavenging coyote leftovers
Schatzie the Scavenger

“So sorry Kim Bloomer💔 I remember when she just came and visited you. I was never so Happy as when you adopted her full time! She had her most wonderful years with you! ((((Hugs))))” Susan Moore Lewelling

“So truly sorry for your loss!!! God bless!!! Your Faith is strong!! I know it doesn’t take the physical pain away, but it helps knowing that god doesn’t make mistakes…he’s got her in the palm of his hand!!!” Barbie Andretti

“Omg i am so sorry for your loss. There are no words to say at a time like this to make you feel better so I won’t even try. Just know I’m thinking of you.” Eva Tasillo

“I’m so very sorry:( ” Crystal Shannon

“Oh, Kim! My heart is breaking for you all. Safe travels Schatzie, you will be missed beyond measure. Thanks to your stories and photos, Kim, we will all miss her… you and Schatzie have made more of an impact than you realize, be gentle with yourself in the upcoming days.” Mary Anne

“Love you guys 🥰🥰🥰” Breanne Altherr

“Oh Kim, I am so very sorry for your loss. I completely understand how you feel about her being your Best Friend!!! Our Billy is ours and we are devastated with what is going on with him. Sending lots of healing love and prayers your way! I wish I was closer so I could give you a HUGE HUG!!!” Julia McCabe

Carolina Dog digging“In tears….let her heal your sadness because she will always be with you.” Cathryn Mills

“I’m so sorry to hear this. I loved seeing your adventurous walks with her. Sending peaceful energy and prayers to you! 💙” Heather Paige Johnson Grill

“So very sorry on your loss, heartfelt condolences. Lovely tribute to a lovely girl. RIP Schatzie.” Barb McKee

“So very sorry. Schatzie was a terrific doggo and so very beautiful! I loved seeing her adventures here on facebook.” Jaynessa Campbell

ROMP In Paradise, sweet Schatzie. PEACE to you, Donnie & King. Y’all will meet again in Heaven.” Toni Phillips

“Sorry for your loss Kim.” Denise Killian

“Kim, I’m so sorry to hear about Schatzie’s passing! I have always loved the photos of the beautiful walks with her through the trails near your house in NM. May God grant you peace as you deal with her loss. I send big hugs to you, Donnie and King. RIP sweet girl.” Tunia Harrison Hyland

“I’m so sorry for your loss friend 🙏🏻” Jen McCloskey

Am Bull on floor Carolina Dog in dog bed
King not too happy about Schatzie taking over all of his beds right after she moved in with us lol

“I’m so sorry for your loss 💔” Maria Nilsson

“So hard to say goodbye.” Jessie James

“So sorry, Kim… Remembering back to the day she came to be with your family. Such a blessing for her, and you. <3 Praying for your grieving hearts.” Jaque McHenry

“I loved her because you loved her!” Cindy Johns

“So sorry for your loss. 😢” Tasha Gammelseter

“Kim you gave her such an amazing life. Condolences to you and Donnie.” Crystal A. Reid

“Oh Kim! I am so deeply sorry! I had no idea! Schatzie was a beautiful girl! She was so blessed to have you as her mommy, and I know you were equally blessed to have had her as your friend. They are our greatest treasures.
May you rest in peace, sweet girl🐕🌈💜 All my love to you, your husband and gorgeous King.❤❤❤” Gabriela Riofrio Ciufo

” I am SO sorry for your heartfelt loss … gentle hugs to you and your family.” Carol A Kanfield

“I’m so sorry 💔💔💔🐶🐶🐶😢😢😢” Shirley Ramiriez

beautiful Carolina Dog
The many faces of our Beauty Queen

“I’m so sorry for your loss. Sending hugs and love. They leave such love and impressions on our heart, it’s raw grief and mourning when they are gone. You took such good care of her for the time she was with you and I am sure she is forever grateful for that love and care. May her memories bring a smile and peace as your mourn her loss. 💕” Jasmine Patel

“I’m so very sorry to read this! What a majestic beauty she was…love to you and your family Kim Bloomer 🙏😍” Diane Fluter

“I’m so very sorry. She had an amazing and beautiful life and knew only love from you. Praying for all of you at this difficult time.” Dawn Schroeder

“You are welcome my friend. I know the pain of losing our fur babies, I always try to remember they are still with us staying right besides us to protect us. Yes we do realize how much they gave. May you find peace in Schatzies memory. 💕” Mary McKee

“Kim, I’m so sorry and sad Schatzie has gone on. My prayers are with you.” Tamela Lewis

“I am so very sorry for your loss. I knew the of the insurmountable pain that losing your beloved can leave you with when I lost my baby girl Ashton almost two years ago. My heart goes out to you and King ……” Ashy Milan

“Oh Kim i am so sorry. You gave her such a wonderful family while she was here. Hugs.” Sarah Hatch Kreiner

“I’m so sorry ❤” Jennifer Marie

Carolina Dog at the Rainbow Bridge
Waiting for us at the Bridge

” Oh Kim….I am so very, very sorry…..Praying for God’s Peace to surround you all…Safe Journey for your sweet girl….Thank you, my beautiful friend, for sharing her life with us…..💔💙Linda Handschue

“Know that so many fellow dog lovers are very sad with you.😞” Sandra DeMers

“So very sorry for your loss, such a sad time.” Kim Butler

“So very sorry for your loss.” Jamie Tracy

“Big big hugs to u and Donnie.. love,” Amy Sassey

“Oh…SO sorry for your loss. We understand. God bless!” Connie Hull

“Oh my goodness….I am so very sorry for your loss Kim & Donnie.I am so sad to hear this.She was such a beautiful girl. It feels just like yesterday that you took this beauty in. May the God give you both the strength to carry forward.RIP sweet girl.💗💗(((Big Hugs))) I’m so heartbroken that she’s gone. Although I never met her I felt connected to her by all the pics you would post. She sure was a beauty and just by looking at her she looked like she had a beautiful soul. She will forever be in your heart.You’re most welcome. Nice stories are never forgotten.Stay strong and cherish all the beautiful memories.You and Donnie gave her a great life!She was very lucky to have you both.😘💗😘” Maria Cosentino

Schatzie my Carolina Dog
My Desert Girl in the fields enjoying her daily nature walk with me

“Angel Hugs to comfort you.” Leslie Vornholt

“I am so sorry 😢 my thoughts and prayers are with you, Donnie and King.” Anita Costa

“So sorry to hear, Kim. ❤️🐾” Dr. Erin O’Connor

“Oh gosh Kim, I am so sorry to read this. I know it is a difficult time for all of you right now. Thoughts, prayers, light and love to you all.” Connie Dominy

“Sorry for your loss Kim…I’m sending love and hugs your way. ❤️❤️❤️” Alishia M. Alibhai

“Oh I’m so sorry!! I know the pain and will be praying for you!” Joan Buckner

“I’m so sorry for your loss of your sweet baby.” Karen Cox

“I am sorry for your loss of your best friend!🌺” Ernestine King

“Kim I am so very sorry for your loss. I understand the pain and grief you are going through. I love you and Donnie so very much.” Patricia Gatley (my cousin)

Carolina Dog
Hunting in the fields before she came to live with us.

“Kim Bloomer we love them SO much, beyond words. 🙏🏼🙏🏼” Lisa Baughn

“So sorry for the loss of your beloved dog, Kim.” Belinda Hoosech

“I am so sorry for your loss, it’s never easy.” Celeste Lynne Ewing Lawson

“Awe Kim 💔 😥I am so so sorry to hear of your loss. What sweet baby 🐶 she was. Sending love & prayers from NY. Take care of yourself. 💞 🥰 She was a true gift 💝 I hope her sweet memories will help you all through your grief. 😘💖” Mary Ellen Cehonski

“I can barely see through my tears to type this. My heart aches for you all. I remember her story and when she came into your life — decided your home was where she wanted to be — and it doesn’t feel like 5-1/2 years ago.
She sounds much like Casey in that the closest to God I ever felt, it was through Casey. An incredibly special magical spirit that came to you in the form of a dog. I hope she sends you many signs and powerful messages, like Casey did for me after his passing, to show you that she is still with you and always will be. 💖🐾💫🐾💖
Thinking of you. I have been thinking of your Shad and wondering if your girl was his female version. I thought so! What a blessing, and I think he also had a paw in her arrival. 💙💫 They do make us better humans. How fortunate for us that we found our passion and purpose in life through them, God’s creatures, our teachers. Be well, friend. 😘” Jean Brudd

American Bully dog and Carolina Dog
One of my favorite photos of her – shortly after she was living with us. King fell in love after he got over his jealousy.

“I am truly sorry for your loss. I am truly happy that you and Schatzie found each other and Blessed each other’s life. A match made in heaven, winners all around. Love to you and Donnie.” Nicole Salinas (my cousin)

“Dear Kim, the loss of a dog is harder than even the loss of a human family member, many times. I also believe God made dogs to show us unconditional, loyal, unwavering joy and love in all circumstances, and, yes, to model God’s love for us and the capability of us to trust in Him, too. May our Lord bring you and Donnie peace as you walk this new journey.” Kim Machmer Gorman

“Sending you love, light and oily hugs and prayers. Visualizing Schatzie running in heaven with Fluffy(mojito) Havanese my moms dog who recently passed too.” Laura Cole Gonzales

“Sending you love, light and prayers 💗” Ranna Fieseler Perdue

“So sorry to hear about this ❤️ Sending hugs, she was such a beautiful girl.” Alycia Hatfield

“Oh Kim I am so very sorry your girl has left her earthly home with you all. I know the pain all too well. May God heal your hearts quickly and give you so much comfort at this very sad and heartbreaking time. 💖💖💖💖” Tracey Van Luven

“What a gorgeous baby! Hugs and kisses to you both!” Elle Harris

King and Schatzie connecting
They fell in love!

“Oh Kim, is this is beautiful. I am so very sorry. You are all on my heart and in my prayers. We love them so much, beyond words!” Lisa Baughn

“So very sorry for your loss.” Debra Heroux

“Such love wrapped up in our fur friends … they understand so much we have no idea! So sorry your heart is hurting!!!😥💔🙏🏼” Lisa Murray

“I’m sending my most sincere condolences, Kim. It is heartbreaking when one we are so close to has to move on. I hope you find peace and happiness in the memories you made and the love you shared. Your beautiful girl will never be far from you, even if you can’t see her…😢💔❤🐺” Terri Demmons

“Oh, so sorry, Kim. ♥️ love and prayers, my friend.” Kim Housley

“This is so sad Kim Bloomer! I am so, so sorry for your loss 😢.” Mari González

“Aww my dear friend Kim, I send you all my love ♥️🐾 and paw prints, I honour and thank Schatzie for the wisdom she shared with me because I would look at her in the phots you shared with us and say .. now there is a dog! A true Canine, not that any others aren’t true canines but there is something so wild, wise and free about her spirit ..
Aww I would love seeing your wonderful desert sunset photos with her there sharing the beauty of life with you.
Aww i shall miss her too .. I just sending you so much love because it’s a huge adjustment when they have to go in the psychical. If there ever was an ascended master in a dog’s body it is Shatzie 🙏🐾♥️✨✨ Kim Bloomer you both touched our hearts massively ♥️” Nikki Brown

“So very sorry Kim. ❤️😢” Charlene Clark Chambers

Carolina Dog on futon
Shade bathing while I sunbathed – she made it part of her duties to make sure I get my Vitamin D, naturally!

“I’m so sorry for your loss. ❤” Mandy Hartman

“What a great name you gave her. Schatzie. In Germany that word means treasure. I do know you gave her a wonderful life. Hugs from Germany.” Carolyn Nassl (she came to us with her name at age 7 1/2)

“So sorry for the loss of your beautiful fur baby. Hugs and prayers are going up for you and your family.” Pat Casson

“I’m so sorry for your loss 🌈💔🐾 warm hugs my friend ❤” Beverly Blagg McClendon

“I’m so sorry to hear about your loss Kim, our animal family is so precious to us 💜…Yes being free of suffering is really vital – and from what my research tells me I’m sure we’ll meet our loved furry family members again when we cross over, but it is so very hard when they go without us. Sending hugs and love.” Louisa Livingstone

“Oh no Kim, I’m so very sorry for your loss. 💔” Beth Kidd

“Oh Kim, I’m so sorry to hear about Schatzie.. I’m sure The Whole Family is just devastated.. may the power of our lord bring you all comfort and rest during this difficult time..RIP Schatzie..💜✝️😘” Trish Kelley

Carolina Dog in the desert
My Golden Girl!

“So sorry for your loss!” Anella Cota Shouse

“Love you, Kim, and sending you tons of hugs. ❤” Wendy Lovas

“I am so very sorry for your loss. Sending prayers and love your way during this difficult time. May you find comfort in the Lord knowing she is now at peace!” Mckenzie Virginia Cothran

“Oh Kim I am so very sorry 😥” Marcia Maier

“Kim I am so very sorry!!! What a precious GIRL 😢 I love her little face…I am praying for peace for you FRIEND ❤❤😗😗😗” Kim Mitchell

“Sending love and gratitude ❤️❣️” Cathy Bates

“I’m so very sorry for your loss. Sending you a warm hug.” Carol Christoforatos

“😥 I’m so deeply sorry for you loss Kim, Donnie and King. The heart aches for the love we will miss. Schatzie had the most wonderful last 5 years of her life. You can see how much she loved you in her expressions. My heart aches for you all!” Carole Laurencelle Baldwin

“Kim dear girl my heart is with you 💞🙏” Leslie Krodel Charde

Carolina dog sleeping
Sleepy girl

“So sorry for your family’s loss ♥️” Diane Barnes

“My heart goes out to you, Donnie and King, dear Kim Bloomer. I am so very sorry for your loss. Run free over the Rainbow Bridge sweet Schatzie. Much love and healing prayers to you. xoxoxo” Laura Ruby T Boston

“Oh, Kim, I am so sorry to hear this. You are in my heart, thoughts, and prayers. She is at peace and had wonderful last years because of you. 🥀” Krystal Beers

“Oh Kim, I am so incredibly sorry for your loss, my heart aches with you 💔.. praying God wraps His Everlasting arms around you and your family as you grieve her loss 🙏🙏🙏 love you sister 💜💜 praying for King too!” Brittany Walsh

“What a beautiful tribute… so sorry for you loss.” Kris Hurley

“Oh, Kim, I’m So sorry for your loss. It’s hard losing our babies. 🙏🏼💛 It’s comforting knowing they are not in pain anymore. May your grief be replaced with peace in time. I’m sure you gave her the best life ever! 💛🤗May the sweet memories keep her close always. 😘” Shirley Cohen

“Oh so very sorry for your loss!” Susan Cornwell Hughes

Carolina Dog in spring snow
Schatzie in her prime in a spring snow

“I’m so sorry for your loss.” Melissa Ondreas Vega

“I am so sorry to hear of your loss. So beautifully written. Hugs ❤ The hardest part of their companionship is the “good bye”.” Claudia Beutel

“So sorry you lost your baby.🙏” Jeanne Oswald

“Oh Kim – I am so, so sorry. I know how much you loved her. She was a very special girl.” Dr. Sarah Reagan

“How lucky we are to have known someone and loved someone so much that makes saying goodbye so hard … 😔” Diane Carter

“My deepest sympathy for the loss of your sweet girl…sending an abundance of love and hugs to you and yours.” Effie Rau

“Oh I’m so so sorry. Sending so much love.” Jamie Holmes

“Kim Bloomer, I am soooo very sorry. My heart is breaking. She was such a beautiful girl. She reminded me so much of my Cristabelle. I havent known another like her. When I lost her, I felt as if I died. She was me, in dog form. I send sends to envelope you and your family and pray you find comfort. Poor King. He us such a cutie pie. Run free Schatzie. Chase and play over that rainbow bridge with my Christabelle💗” Daisy Mae

Carolina Dog at the Pearly Gates
Waiting at the Pearly Gates

“Beautiful tribute tribute to Schatzie. May your memories bring you peace and comfort. She was well loved.” Rhonda Hensley

“So very sorry for your loss Kim and Donnie. I know how much she meant to you. She will always be with you and she struck gold to have the opportunity to live with you guys. We know all too well the pain associated with losing a K9 companion. We miss Yepa everyday. But know Schatzie will always be by your side. (((((Hugs))))) from AZ. Love you. 💔🐾🐕🌈 ” Snow Aubel

“I am so sorry to hear of Schatzie’s passing. I loved seeing your stories of Schatzie and King on your page. It is always sad to lose our furbabies as they are our children and such a big part of our families. I know that Schatzie taught you a lot just like all the dogs you had before her. Cherish those special moments you had with her, she loved you, Donnie and King and will be waiting for you at the Rainbow Bridge when it is time. Your tribute was beautiful. RIP sweet girl, till we meet again!💔” Carol Broslaw

“So sorry for your loss Kim Bloomer!!” Karen Boyagian Natiw

“My sincere condolences, my friend. You mutually gave so much of yourselves throughout the past 5+ years. She will be by your side, smiling.” Suzanne Klein

“I am so sorry to hear if your loss. So beautifully written. Hugs ❤” Claudia Beutel

“Oh Kim I’m so very sorry.” Cathy Pasquale-Reinl

“So, so sorry!” Cynthia Rae Waite

Carolina Dog wearing a lei
Schatzie wearing King’s lei from Posh Dog Knee Brace Company. She wasn’t “feeling” it lol.

“Kim, Donnie, and King, I am sorry for your loss. 🙏🌈🙏” Sue Pelechaty

“I’m sooo ssoooo very sorry Kim Bloomer.” Zee Strate

“Oh Kim, I’m so sorry, I had no idea. Our hearts are with you love.” Debbie Benson

“oh Kimmer how I loved her and will always love her… no words – just sending love,, hugz, prayers – I grieve with you , Donnie and king… fly free beautiful baby girl. sharing her with me has been a gift I can not explain. THANK YOU for sharing her beauty with me.” Cin Nicks

“Oh Kim, I am so very sorry. I know those words can be so often over said, but I have no others. My heart is broken with you and for you.” Joy Doutt-Eriksen

“Oh Kimmer!! I’m so, so sorry!! I know how much you loved her! I pray that your sweet memories bring you some peace! Love ya, Cuz!❤️” Katie Salinas (my cousin)

“So very sorry for your loss, mine passed away suddenly yesterday, I know the pain you feel…it never gets easy, I wish they lived as long as people. ” Mimi Mackropoulos

Farewell from Carolina Dog
I’ll see you again Mom. Don’t be sad, I’m well and whole again. I’ll be waiting for you when it’s your time. I love you!

“So sorry for your loss, Kim. I know how devastating it can be to lose a special dog. That’s why I am helping a friend to start a dog hospice this year. I hope it can help provide support for many who experience this sort of loss. We’re getting the non-profit stuff in order now. I love these photos–they really capture the beauty of this special life. Keeping you in my thoughts. 💔🐾❤️” Sarah Halstead

“So very sorry for your loss.” Evelyn Kessinger

“Deepest loves are the hardest losses. I’m so sorry for your loss. I know the pain. Love you both.” Audrey Savage (my cousin)

“I am so very sorry for all that you are going through with this loss of beautiful Schatzie. Sending you all prayers of peace and comfort at this time. 🙏🐾🙏 It is all about gratitude and the lessons that they teach us that live in our hearts forever. Blessings of all love to you, Kim!” Ellen Welk

“This is so, so hard, Kim, and my heart hurts for you, Donnie, and especially King. ❤” Susan Van Allen

“My heart and soul is so sad for your loss! Sharing your sorrow. May your grief be continually replaced with beautiful sweet memories of your girl!” Donna Jackson

“So very sorry to hear of the passing of your fur baby my friend!! Sending you hugs!! ❤️❤️❤️” Nicole Lindsay-Stevenson

Schatzie and Me on a water break during our morning walk
Schatzie and me on a water break during our morning walk

“I’m so sorry. You gave her such a great life when you rescued her. Hugs.” Christy Floor

“I am so sorry, praying and sending hugs. 🐾” Penny LeClair

“So sorry for your loss.” Terry Freymiller

“I’m so sorry to hear Kim, what sweet photos for remembrance 💗. ” Christina Clarke

“So sad for you💝sending love and hugs💕💕💕 ” Elissa Hambright

“So sorry to hear Auntie Kim.. it never gets easier.” Alicia Hall (niece)

“I’m so sorry for your loss. 😢Sending lots of love! ❤️ ✨✨✨” Claudia Garcia

Dogs waiting for treats
Waiting for treats

“Oh Kim, my heart aches deeply for you . I’m sending caring hugs, thoughts and prayers right now .
May Jesus comfort you and mend your broken hearts. Be at peace in heaven sweet Schatzie girl and keep watch in spirit over your earth mommy, daddy & King.” Debby Bristow

“What a beautiful, loving tribute. So sorry for your loss.” Jeanne Schoech

“So so sad to hear that she has left this life. May God grant you contentment. I loved following her story over over the years Kim thanks thanks for sharing her with us all xx Lots lots of lots of love to you and the family. What a blessing these furry souls are to us. True teachers of love and patience xx ” Madenia Raven Salie

“Beloved, Schatzie, may you rest in peace, knowing your work on earth is done, yet your love, lessons, and wisdom continue to bless all you taught and touched! Keep Breathing as you celebrate her wonderful life and grieve her devastating loss…xo ” Lisa Hussein Knaggs

“I send you lots of courage to deal with your loss and many hugs for King boy.” Dr. Patricia Borstel

” Heart 💔 breaking news. She was a lucky girl to have found your family. I’m so sad, she will be missed terribly 😢😢😢…Yes we are lucky to have had such special souls in our lives. I really do feel your pain and burst into tears when I read your post. Sending love and hugs and I know King will be comfort as Miss Gretel was to us after our unexpected loss of Hershey. At least we go to say goodbye to our little girl 🐾💕🐾💕🐾 Kim Bloomer we’ll never feel you failed her, you gave her a wonderful happy and healing life compared to what she had until you took her in.” Debbie Douglas

Jesus showing Carolina Dog
He loved her before we ever knew her!

“I’m so very sorry for this loss :'( * hugs * and prayers for you and your family.” Lisa Chociej

“I’m so sorry Kimmer. Big hug and thinking of you. X ” Kim Lummis

“Beautiful words that describe the deep love and relationship you both had for each other. My friend I am here for you, praying for all three of you. ❤️” Angela Rector

“Feel for her on your desert walks, Kim, and you’ll find that she’s right there with you and King. 💗🐾” Suzanne Sherwood

“Kim Bloomer never forget how you helped me so much with my heart dog, Talia I never forgot that and you are in my family forever.” Cassandra Kraham

“My thoughts are with you Kim.” Barb Kapkey

“May she quietly walk in your soul, always.” Lon L. Flewelling

“Oh Kim I’m sorry to hear this 🙁 Sleep peacefully sweet girl.” Jennifer Lee

“Prayers of healing and peace coming to you.” Kim Mutch Emerson

Carolina Dog touching heaven
Touching Heaven!

“I am so very sorry for the void in your lives from Schatzie’s passing. I know she’ll be work you in your worth for some time to come.” Betty Lewis

“So sorry, Kim. Losing an beloved pet is just so hard 😥” Peggy DeArmond

“Oh no Kimmer! I am SO sorry! You, Donnie and King are on my heart and in my prayers. She was such a special girl and her wonderful spirit came though in everything you ever told me about her and most of the pictures of her I saw. She was truly a gift from God to you at just the right moment in time. I know you were love of her life and just as much a blessing to her as she was to you. Aren’t you so grateful that we learned that dogs do indeed go to heaven and we will see them again? You and I learned so much together about spiritual things and natural health. Sending BIG warm heart felt hugs.” Dr. Jeannie Thomason

Schatzie’s Memorial Podcast Comments:

Angel escorting Carolina Dog into eternity
Escorted into eternity 

Photo credit: William Messner & Brandy Redmond’s Mom

“Kim I just wanted you to know that Shazaam aka big girl and I listened to your podcast together about Schatzie. It was so uplifting and beautiful and sad at the same time. Big girl either liked the message she was hearing or the sound of your voice because she was so relaxed and kept putting her paw on my hand when I would try to put the phone down on the table instead of holding it…. And yes tears streamed when yours were and remember big girl is my rock so she was in my face during that time asking me what the heck was wrong with me, but then she would settle again. I will listen to it again I’m sure several more times because I know that there’s a message for everyone to hear from that podcast and to learn from and I know that every time I listen to it I’ll hear something else that I might have missed. What a great start to your healing process. Lots of love to you my friend.” Cathryn Mills

“This is so beautiful Kim.I cried.I can imagine how difficult this was for you.Thank you for sharing.Beautiful name you chose for her…she was a sweetheart!❤❤❤She was such a lucky girl…you and your husband took such great care of her.Always remember you did everything you could possibly do for her and she had an amazing life.She will forever be in our hearts.I will never forget her postings.RIP sweetheart!💗💗💗💗💗💗” Maria Cosentino

Dog loss poem

“My heart welled up and I am sitting here crying like a baby. I’m so sorry Schatzie experienced seizures. It brings back so many memories for me. Your tribute to sweet Schatzie is beautiful….Schatzie chose the best Mom & Dad & family to share her life with. She loved you & had a really good life with you. Schatzie was called home by way of the Rainbow bridge. She was met by all the fur angels who guided her & showed her the way. She is busy chasing rabbits and following the Messiah’s footsteps and telling Him all about you. Schatzie will always watch over you as she waits until you meet again for all eternity. I love you my dear sister-friend and sending you healing (Hugs) across the many miles. 🐾😍 “And Elohim shall wipe away every tear from their eyes, and there shall be no more death, nor mourning, nor crying. And there shall be no more pain, for the former matters have passed away.” And He who was sitting on the throne said, “See, I make all matters new.” And He said to me, “Write, for these words are true and trustworthy.” Rev 21: 4-5 The Scriptures ISR 1998” Brandy Redmond’s Mom


Three dogs in heaven
Meshach, Schatzie and Shadrach together now
My beautiful Schatzie girl by Brittany Farina gifted to me by Breanne Altherr