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American Bully and Carolina Dog
King & Ezra, our current boys

It is my goal to provide your dogs with a selection of species appropriate whole food supplements and effective natural remedies to support their bodies – we can discuss these privately as none are currently being shared on this website. I not only research each product but these are products I have used and/or currently use with my own dogs. This enables my customers and clients to purchase and use these products with confidence knowing they are tried and tested by an animal naturopath.

I am an affiliate for all of the products listed on this page.

In addition to providing you with personally tried and tested products, our goal is to educate clients and customers on species appropriate feeding and lifestyles for their canine companions and assist with healthy choices versus commercially popular ones.



  1. Animals Taught Me That
  2. Be Transformed, Be Renewed, BE WELL
  3. Essential Oils in Animal Care: A naturopathic approach
  4. Whole Health for Happy Dogs


1. Probiotics, Enzymes, Mushrooms, etc. – Affordable, Earth-friendly, Natural Products for Dogs

2. Essential Oils – I’ve used these for my own family for many years, human and canine. These are the only ones I will use in fact.

3. Dog beds, blankets, and more!

4. WholeTones Music Project – calming, uplifting, healthy music for you and your pets! Watch the blog here to get updates on upcoming sales.

5. Wealth Strategies video FIRST (it’s 17 minutes long), then if you want to go further go to