My First Bath
My First Bath

My First Bath

This post was written in “first dog” by Meshach the Great Dane puppy.

This video is from my first day, August 7th, with my new human family. My first human Mom, Barbie Barrett of Zona Danes, and my grandma Terry, traveled with me and all my siblings from Arizona where I was born and grew up, to Oklahoma – home of my canine mom Marlo. One of my sister’s stayed in OK with our SisCo Danes family. And then I got dropped off in NM with my forever humans.

Needless to say I had some road travel grime on me and so my new human Mom decided to test me in FOUR of the laws of health:

1. Fresh air – we were outside after all and I was breathing it in fast bepaws I was a little nervous since I didn’t know them yet but Mom kept on talking to me so it was okay. She also wrapped me in a towel afterwards and laid down with me in my dog couch, woof!

2. Sunshine – as you can see it was in full shine as it most often is in NM.

3. Pure water – my pool has no chemicals in it and it is pure water sans chlorine and fluoride, YIPPEE!

4. Trust – trust in the principles of naturopathy, trust in the laws of health, and learning to trust my new humans and build relationship, woof!

Even better news to MOI is that we naturally reared, raw-fed dogs RARELY need to have a bath bepaws quite frankly we do not smell or stink as a general rule. I am so relieved to know this, woof!

As you can see, no animals were harmed in the filming of this video, woof! Um I just got wet hehe.

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATURALLY healthy day, woof!




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  1. Argyle and Bean

    Woof Meshach! We have to have baths,too, on occasion-sometimes in the shower and sometimes in the tub.We don’t like them!
    Love, Argyle and Bean (Clean Bean!)

    1. Baths aren’t so much fun are they Argyle and Bean? I like to lick the shower door and bark at my humans sometimes when they are in the shower. I get in it sometimes too but mostly they make me get out bepaws I leave pawprints hehe.

      I hope I get to meet you two soon – Santa Fe isn’t a far drive – not after the long drives I’ve taken, woof! I think you might still be a lot of dog for me Ms. Bean, but I know it won’t be long before I can hold my own.

      Thanks for stopping by,
      Meshach, aka Meesh

  2. Dudley

    Hey, Meshach,

    Dudley here. I’m your Basset buddy, otherwise known as “The Dude”. Welcome to the world of humans, with their weird habits, like baths!
    I just know you’re going to LOVE living with your new human folks in New Mexico. I’ll be your Colorado buddy, so dictate notes to me whenever the urge moves you!

    1. Hey Duds the Dude!

      My Mom has told me about you. I know I have big paws to fill taking over Shadrach’s blog, BUT Mom always says, I’m just continuing rather than any take over or any paws to fill. She says I have my own big paws to focus on, woof!

      I hope we get to meet in dogson one day, especially with you living so close by. I’ve traveled from AZ to OK TWICE already in my life – COL isn’t so far away as that was, woof!

      Stay in touch Duds and correspond whenever the mood hits ya – sometimes we might even share that with the human readers on the blog…if they behave themselves and feed their dogs RMBs, woof!

  3. Toby-wan Kenobi

    After a time at the doggie park, Ma tells me to go to the shower. So, I go.

    Hey Meshach, no big deal!!!

    After the park, Ma leads me to the shower!!!! No problemo for me! Very refreshing and cleansing. I make a big deal after drying off!!!!

    Between you and me, little buddy!!!


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