Fun in the Sun
Fun in the Sun

Fun in the Sun

Great Dane puppy gnawing on stick in gardenThis post was written in “first dog” by Meshach the Great Dane puppy.

Now that I live in NM, I am enjoying being outside a lot more bepaws it just isn’t as hot here as it is in AZ where I was whelped and raised. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t get blazing hot here too but this time of year is VERY nice. It even gets cold in the morning which gives me the zippies and the spizzies!

I LOVE being outdoors, soaking up the rays all while I play and explore things in our yard. We have TWO yards. The upper one is where Mom has all her nice plants that I love to dig up and lay in hehe. The lower yard is ALL mine, woof! I dig to my heart’s content. I flop around in all the desert fauna – Mom says it will grow back…I’ve sort of flattened some of the plants but it is oh so much fun! And I findGreat Dane puppy at fence watching neighbor dogssticks and things to gnaw on too and then bring them back to the upper yard to enjoy. There are also ants which I found out about the hard way. I came dashing in the house biting at my feet bepaws I got stung. Good thing Mom had some Apis 30C homeopathic remedy on hand, woof! It worked FAST and no more sting! The bummer was Mom also bathed me…sigh but at least she used a nice, natural shampoo and it is very soothing.

Mom is just glad that I enjoy being out there getting one of the eight laws of health on a regular basis: Watching_Neighbor_Dogs2SUNSHINE! We need that for our total health and without all the chemicals that are in sunscreen. Of course we animals are pretty good about not baking in the sun like humans seem to be want to do. We moderate it – and that is also another of the eight laws of health, woof!

On this particular day, I was checking out the neighbor dogs. Two doors down are my two Labrador buddies, Zeus and Charlie. Charlie is the one you see here in the photo. Labrador dog watching through his fence Behind Charlie and Zeus are my two German Shepherd neighbors Osa and Rocky and their little mixed breed pal, Messy. Messy barks a lot and that fascinates me. Charlie and Zeus bark a LOT too and LOUD! One day I decided to woof, woof back at them but that only made them bark more.

I got to meet Charlie and Zeus when I was out on my weekend morning walk with Mom a couple of weeks ago. We had a BLAST! I jumped on them and ran around with them even though they were bigger and knocked me down a few times. I just thought that was even more fun, woof! Zeus had dug up an old stinky dead carcass of some kind so Charlie and I were busy chasing him around trying to get a good whiff and even tug on that canine treasure. He didn’t want to share it with us though 🙁

German Shepherds and mutt watching from their backyardHe was nice about it but wanted it all to himself. I think he and Charlie are kibble-fed so I don’t blame him one bit for wanting some REAL food.

I’m glad I get to be outside in the fresh air, sunshine and exercising on a daily basis, following the laws of health for my long-term good health! It’s all helping me grow BIG and strong. When I first got here I was shorter than the bushes in the lower yard. Now you can see I am as big as a Boxer already and I’m but sixteen weeks old, woof! Following the laws of health that start with proper, species appropriate nutrition – which for us dogs means raw meat and bones since we’re carnivores – is how I will be able to continue to grow strong, healthy and BIG, woof!

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day, woof!

Photo Attribution: Meshach the Great Dane puppy by Dr. Kim Bloomer, Copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved.




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