Synthetic Fragrances or Essential Oils?

Great Dane on dog couchWhen you wear perfume or cologne, do you ever think about what it is made from or with? I bet most men and women don’t think about that, they just like the fragrance and want to smell good; alluring!

The more I have learned about what goes into them and what they do to the body has been enough to convince me to quit using them.

You see these synthetic fragrances also off-gas chemicals that can cause health problems in your other family members, but also and maybe even more especially with your pets. I’ve blogged a lot here about indoor air pollution and these fragrances are major contributors to indoor pollution along with air fresheners, laundry products, cleaning products, etc.

I know my puppy likes to snuggle and “hug” and I’d sure not want to have him exposed to a product that is only for my own vanity. Plus the fact I don’t want to inhale that on a daily, regular basis. I’d far rather use YL essential oils that are natural and smell so good!

The following article by Natural News explains more in depth why using synthetic fragrances are not a good idea – for you, your family or your pets: they pollute the air with synthetic fragrance chemicals that are now linked to causing asthma and allergies:

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