Still just a buppy…
Still just a buppy…

Still just a buppy…

Dogs discovery skeleton in desertThis post is written in “first dog” by Meshach the Great Dane Puppy:

Even though I’m really big now, I’m still just a buppy (translation: BIG puppy!) – 10 1/2 months old in fact.

My humans think I’m VERY wise for my age. But things I do can make everyone laugh knowing I’m still just a buppy…not all the way grown up YET. For example today I was out for my playtime with my neighbor Labrador buddies Charlie and Zeus – our Moms are friends too of course. At the end of our playtime we saw another neighbor was outside working on his truck so we went to say hello. He revealed to my Mom and her friend that whenever they walk by our fence to say hello to me I bark and bark, but then I run back into the upper yard to safety on my chair or couch…hehe. That was a little embarrassing but I am still just a buppy.

The neighbor said he loved my coloring – that’s the first thing everyone tells Mom. She says I’m a VERY special boy!

When the humans were all gabbing away, Charlie and I took the liberty to investigate this neighbor’s very cool garage which he has done all sorts of upgrades on himself, and then Charlie tried to sneak off with a brown wooden spoon laying out on the driveway hehe. Well you know we dogs are opportunistic. Charlie and I are always finding all sorts of cool things like the big huge animal spine you see in the photo…after we are still just buppies.

Charlie and I LOVE to run, play fight like wild stallions, and zoom through the mesa like crazy. We love exploring and being outside in the fresh air, releasing our energy naturally…bepaws we are still just buppies.

Zeus is the referee hehe. He’s an adult so he humors us for the most part. I respect the heck out of him as he is very kind and tolerant of mine and Charlie’s antics – only grumps at us when we get too rowdy with him, but he knows we’re still just buppies.

I didn’t see Charlie and Zeus for a few days when they went to doggie camp while their Mom was gone. When they came back, I was so happy to see them that I kissed Zeus all over his face and he just stood there wagging his tail until I was finished washing his face. That’s my patient pal Zeus…he knows I’m still just a buppy.

As you all know I’m a born and raised naturally reared buppy and while I’ve had a few health challenges (I’m only first generation NR), Mom makes sure to follow the eight laws of health so I can live a quality life…and I’m so glad. This means good social interaction and exercise every day. You see most mornings my humans take me out with them for THEIR exercise and then AGAIN for my playtime! They know that this is not optional especially bepaws I am still just a buppy with extra energy!

Thank you for sharing a few moments with me in my life. I might still just be a buppy but I am a well-loved and happy one, WOOF!

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day, WOOF!

Photo Attribution: Meshach the Great Dane with his buddy, Labrador, Charlie by Dr. Kim Bloomer, Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved.




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