The “Giddy” Game
The “Giddy” Game

The “Giddy” Game

American Bully dog playing tuggieOkay this is going to probably seem REAL corny to most of you. When I watch the video I know it’s corny lol, but it’s also a lot of FUN! King and I play this game every single day – the Giddy Game is what I call it.

What is interesting is how it evolved over time from us playing tuggie to me making that goofy, “giddy, giddy, giddy” sound while he runs back and forth with the tuggie ring in his mouth.

He sometimes will get zoomies in the middle of it all and runs crazy through the house with what I call his “floor buffer” moves LOL!

This all brings to mind of course the human-animal bond and the games we create that are unique and special to our individual relationships with our dogs.

We had one we played with Meshach – we called it the Stalking Game. I will get that edited and uploaded here one day soon. I was not the “actor” in that one – it was with my husband Donnie and Meshach although Meshach played it with me also. One day he surprised both me and Chryssa when he played it with Chryssa’s Great Dane, Dahlia – and Dahlia immediately began playinit with him! Both Chryssa and I began to hum to the tune of the movie theme, “The Good, The Bad and The Ugly” LOL! I didn’t share this in the past because my husband doesn’t like how he looks in the video. But now we both know it will be fun to share this as a special memory of Meshach regardless of how he looks – he looks good to me no matter what anyway 🙂

With Shadrach, I wrote about the special game he and I played – we had several – in my book, Animals Taught Me That, I called the Honeysuckle Game. Each time these “games” have been initiated by my dogs and then we develop them into a full blown game TOGETHER.

If any of you have caught your unique games with your unique canine on video, you can participate in a study being done. I wrote about it on this blog post and you’ll find the link to submit your information and video on it here:

Hope you get a good laugh at King and I – he always makes me laugh when we do this. He is SO funny – and boy can he corner well UNLIKE a Great Dane or Mastiff LOL! He hasn’t knocked down anything in the house during a zoomie nor has he fallen and hurt himself. He just swoops through like a floor buffer hahaha! 🙂

Of course he is in EXCELLENT shape because he gets fed a raw diet, daily exercise (7 days a week), fresh air, sunshine, good rest in a good bed, pure water, all things done in moderation…and Donnie and I trust in these laws of health that God mandated in nature!

Until next time…

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!

PHOTO ATTRIBUTION: by Dr. Kim Bloomer of her American Bully, King. Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved.




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