Pet Food Recalls Continue Ad Nauseum – Major and Minor
Pet Food Recalls Continue Ad Nauseum – Major and Minor

Pet Food Recalls Continue Ad Nauseum – Major and Minor

American Bully dog eating an RMBAfter the 2007 Pet Food Recall and all of the subsequent deaths I would think no one would ever want to feed this processed junk to their beloved pets any longer. I am sadly wrong about that. For some reason people just follow which companies are conducting recalls and keep switching to what they HOPE will be a “better” food as if any of this stuff even qualifies as “food” – it doesn’t. Even worse, the recalls have NEVER stopped nor will they ever. In fact, there is another MAJOR pet food recall happening now:

It seems that the lack of a more massive initiative for pet owners to switch to feeding their dogs a species appropriate natural diet of raw meat, bones, offal and organs is for a couple of reasons: 1) convenience (for us not the pets) and 2) the “ewwww gross” factor as if THEY are being asked to eat this food. Believe it or not, my husband and I get that very response every single time we suggest raw food for their pets. say no to kibble

Our common response in return is “why are you being grossed out, you aren’t the one who has to eat it, your carnivore canine is and they love it!“. You see, the pet food industry has done a pretty darn good job of convincing you through their advertising AND the veterinary community through the funding of their schools with “educational” grants that all those OMNIVORE ingredients are exactly what your dogs need in that “safe” packaging and convenience we as a race have come to love when it comes to the care of our animals.

First of all the packaging is NOT safe: “Dogs and cats often eat food processing and packaging chemicals that contaminate their food, day after day and year after year, resulting in cumulative exposures with unknown health risks (FDA CVM 2008b).”

Second of all it is NOT food: (LOTS of articles on this resource page on my website about “pet food” really is)

Third of all it is VERY convenient to feed our dogs what they were created and designed to eat: RAW meat, bones, organs, offal. Simple.

My husband and I were watching a movie last night, Admission, where this issue of “food” for CARNIVORES came up. Lily Tomlin was playing the elderly Mom in a very strained relationship with her daughter played by Tina Fey. Lily Tomlin’s character had two very nice looking Greyhounds. Her daughter suggests she feed them and Lily Tomlin said, “I am not their slave. They can hunt for their own food, they are carnivores after all.” Later in the movie when the daughter is having a crisis and meltdown she tells her mom angrily, “And get some dog food.”

Hello, what part of carnivore and hunt for themselves don’t the writers of the movie get??? That is what society is conditioning us to believe. You see the implication in the movie from my perspective was that the mother was being cruel by forcing the dogs to have to hunt and eat their natural food rather than being a kind, responsible owner by purchasing them processed junk food that is more acceptable for us to feed them much to their ill health and ultimate demise.

Why such a disconnect? Brainwashing through media (and the vet clinic) are very effective tools.

I hope you will consider, if you aren’t already, feeding your dog the REAL carnivore diet and forgo having to worry about the ongoing, never-ending recalls of this processed junk food in bags and cans.

If you desire guidance in switching your dog to a real, raw diet, obtain a consultation to me and end any fear of recalls and end the fear of feeding him/her a diet that will keep your vet bills low to non-existent and your dog optimally healthy.

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!

PHOTO ATTRIBUTION: King the Am Bull by Dr. Kim Bloomer, Copyright 2013 All Rights Reserved.




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