Klaus the Rottweiler
Klaus the Rottweiler

Klaus the Rottweiler

This is such a fantastic story I just had to share it with all of you! My very good friend, Bre Altherr and her husband Chris own a boarding, grooming, training franchise facility in northern Indiana – Sit Means Sit. She takes every opportunity she can to encourage her clients to learn about and implement proper nutrition for our canine carnivore companions. This short story is about Klaus the Rottweiler. His photos say it all!


Story written by Bre Altherr:

“Meet Klaus. I have groomed him since he was a little pup. At 6 months or so his vet recommended surgery for one of his knees (which I totally disagreed with as he was still growing) and that’s where the road to obesity started. His owners were directed to not walk or exercise him and to feed a “special” “food” because of this knee “problem“. Now I’m not one to be super pushy but I will admit that I did not let this go. I was adamant about him needing exercise and a species appropriate food (raw meat, bone, and organ).

About five years later they finally decided to switch him to a raw diet and to walk him daily. These before and after pictures make me tear up because he lost a good 30lbs from a diet change and just one walk a day. This goes to show what proper nutrition and exercise can do for a dog and how their life can completely change for the better. Imagine if all owners did these two tiny things! My point behind this is that 1) dogs are carnivores and and will thrive when fed accordingly and 2) never give up, be persistent, and trust the process! Just look at what happens when they’re honored as the carnivores they are. One year and a half ago vs yesterday!!! Imagine how much better he feels! He doesn’t even look like the same dog!”

Story shared with permission by Bre Altherr and her client Jason, owner of Klaus.
Photo Attribution: by Bre Altherr 2015 of Klaus, a Rottweiler, All Rights Reserved.

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