Weird Animal Girl – W.A.G.
Weird Animal Girl – W.A.G.

Weird Animal Girl – W.A.G.

Weird Animal Girls

I thought an explanation was in order for the “Weird Animal Girl” badge and category on my blog even though I did a blog post a while back titled “Quail Call Zoomies” explaining what it means.

When I was in the sixth grade, my focus was still very much on animals not boys unlike most girls my age at that time. I grew up with four brothers (and a sister) so boys didn’t hold that much fascination for me…YET.

At the time I was far, far more interested in animals as I had been my life long. If I wasn’t playing with my own animals (we always had dogs, cats, and various other small animals including birds and fish), I was reading about them. If I wasn’t reading a book on animals I was drawing them. If I wasn’t drawing them, I was watching documentaries on them or watching movies made with them as the main theme of the movie.

Floppsy, Fox Terrier mix

Later would begin my work with them when I entered my teen years, but that hadn’t begun yet. The “popular” girls, thought I was so weird because all I ever thought about were animals. They bullied me endlessly about that and I would just ignore them and keep focused on reading my animal book, or playing with my toy animals – they wouldn’t dare taunt me if my “real” dog was present as she was a fiercely loyal little girl named Floppsy and quite scary if you didn’t know her.

One of our students at the American Council of Animal Naturopathy, Cheryl Olmstead, read my Quail Call post and made a badge for me to honor my Weird Animal Girl (W.A.G.) integration!

In addition, as I began posting things on Facebook that go along with the whole W.A.G. thinking, then I would tag friends I knew would get it. Those girls that got made fun of because they so loved animals and were focused on them when they were growing up.

Well Cheryl made another graphic just for us W.A.G.s – Tribe W.A.G. it is. So feel free to grab the graphic and share your Weird Animal Girl stories. I know there are Weird Animal Guys out there too so you can tweak it to be a guy thing too!

Until next time all you W.A.G.s

Have a positively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!



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