EXERCISing That Law of Health

American Bully dog making is opinion heard
King making his opinion heard

This happened two years ago on this day. King was definitely not impressed with us after this incident. So here is what went down on Facebook afterward – and he definitely EXERCISED his opinion too…

King wants to know what ya’ll (his vernacular 😂😜) are doing this weekend? He says he hopes all of you with dogs don’t forget that they NEED daily exercise…even if you party all night lol.

He wanted to be sure Donnie and I were not going to slack like we did last Sunday bepaws (his word again) we thought we could still dance at a party Saturday night at our advanced age (ahem I beg his pardon) and be able to do our normal full workout the next morning.

Okay so he was right about us having to downsize our walk with them the next day but at least we still went. Schatzie was miffed I wasn’t up to our full walk AND run but she handled it like the Queen she is😀

So I need a full report in the comments to share with King. He needs to know that dogs are going to get their exercise. He also asked me to tell you all that I think he’s so handsome and that he’s not one to disagree lol….

As of today, January 29, 2018 pretty much nothing has changed lol. He always has requests and something on his mind to discuss 😁.

The feedback we received was so awesome in fact! So many people mentioning how they take walks with their dogs daily or how they make sure their dogs get their needed DAILY exercise! I was SO darn impressed and King was appeased haha!

Until next time (and BEFORE you read EXERCISE your dog!)…

Have a tail waggin’ NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!




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