The Consummate Aging Predator
The Consummate Aging Predator

The Consummate Aging Predator

Schatzie the Carolina Dog – the consummate aging predator 😂🐕she’s just strolling on home from our daily walk honoring the health law of exercise. She does this the closer to home we get and she doesn’t like me filming or photographing her anymore 💖…in the photo in the comments is one of the now nine wild rabbits that wait for us to get home because my husband feeds them.

We’re in extreme drought so he feeds them. When I make our smoothies I save all the shavings and cuttings to give them also. Nothing gets wasted that way either…back to the rabbits.

My husband names them 😂 The one in the photo is Hopper lol. They often will get so close to me as I’m giving Schatzie her last bit of water before we go in the house. This wild bunny is one of the NINE that we feed daily. They wait for us to return from our daily walk with our dogs. They are no longer fearing our dogs which isn’t such a good thing since both will happily dispatch them as the carnivore predators they are. wild rabbit in our yard

I have seen her very intently watching them and getting real still. The rabbits have gotten too comfortable not realizing if they get too close she will BE the #carnivorepredator she is and I do honor that.

I don’t freak out because that is nature and these rabbits are healthy 😆. She isn’t into chasing them down any longer but she hasn’t forgotten her nature. I love the rabbits too but this is the reality of nature.

Anyway, a bit of life in the desert 🌵.

Until next time…

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!




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