My Bully Love

American bully dog
King asking me a question

This time, King has a few thoughts to share. Since Ezra has arrived, there has been a subtle competition building between the growing little male, and the established one. King is urinating around areas he considers HIS. Ezra is outside a LOT as he prefers that. So King is making sure Ezra knows HE is the established KING of this domain – including the all over our patio which isn’t so nice lol.

I take a lot of photos of Ezra because he isn’t aware yet that I am lol, so I get a lot of good ones. King on the other hand knows what I’m doing and will often look away. However, in this pic he looked right at me and held the pose. There is a definite question in his face as you’ll learn in our conversation…

King: Mom, whatz about me? I’ve been your boy for almost 7 years now and you don’t sharez me that much anymore 😢. I’m a REALLY good boy I know bepaws you always sayz I am. You say I’m kind, gentle, yet strong and brave, smart and handsome…and you sayz how proud of me you are AND how grateful for me you are. So can you sharez me too and not just Ezra? I know you and me had hard times too in the beginning but you tellz me all the time how much I taught you and still do! I’m still special to you even though I’m not a puppy right?

Me: My sweet, amazing boy, you’re even more special to me now that Ezra has come here. Why? Because I can clearly see how much you’ve grown into the fine dog you are! You came in and stole my heart and dug in deep! You are more precious than ever before and I’ll never stop sharing you and I’ll only love you more each day!! You’re my special Bubby Boy, forever!!! 😍😘💕 For the record my handsome, sweet boy, puppies are often overrated. I am at the age where I can appreciate the beauty in the mature, grown, amazing adult dogs even more! 😘

So there you have it with this short little post. I love them BOTH! However, King and I have shared almost 7 years together as this site would prove out with the blog posts. We’ve struggled and grown. He’s my special boy and somedays, honestly, transparently I wished it were still just him. Especially on the days when Ezra is having his growing pains (both literally and figuratively), and we’re having our lives turned upside down pains. I’m not as enamored of the puppy stage at this older stage in my own life. Especially not a very high-energy, very intense, very spirited, primitive breed puppy – no fault of his, it’s just who and what he is. But you know what? We chose this, so we’re in it! I know without a doubt, my husband and I will be learning a lot through this experience. And just as I have with each one, I’m sure one day I’ll look back at this moment and see all that Ezra has taught us. The same way King has and is still doing.

It seems to me that the longer I have dogs, the harder each one becomes and not just because of their breeds or my aging. It’s because of all I write here – the epigenetic damage. The exaggerated breeding. On and on it goes, and where it stops nobody knows! That said, we can all do better as we learn better right?

Precocious Carolina Dog puppy
Ezra being his usual precocious self

Yes, I still love dogs. I always will. I always learn from them. I grow as a result of having them in my life. So if I keep whining (as Ezra is often want to do haha), I may need to order some extra cheese to go with all that whine!

I once struggled with King and yet, I can’t look at this pic of him without welling up with tears, and my heart stretching to the point of pain. Why? Because I love him SO much. As I said, I love Ezra too. And that love is growing in tempo with his own growth. Now I must go as he is howling very loudly from his crate as if he’s auditioning for Call of the Wild since he just woke up from his latest VERY short nap lol!

Until next time…

Have a PAWsitively, tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!




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