Equine Dreams

Dr. Kim greeting horses

Psalms 37:40 (KJV) And the Lord shall help them, and deliver them: he shall deliver them from the wicked, and save them, because they trust in him.

When the alarm clock woke me at our normal time so I could rise for my early morning prayer/Bible study time followed by my daily morning workout, I was so disoriented because of the dream I was having. In fact I remember saying to the Lord – either in my mind or out loud I don’t remember – that I wanted to go back to sleep because I had to see it through since I had to make certain those two horses were safe and cared for.

Yes it was about two horses but it didn’t start out that way. I am going to skip to the chase though and leave out all the weird stuff that precluded the best part of the dream, which was about the horses. You’ll notice that colors and words play a big role in this dream. 

I remember sitting on a pink blanket as if we were having a picnic but we were supposed to be at an airport waiting to get on a plane. Very strange looking, futuristic planes kept landing pretty close to where we were sitting and there was also a railroad track running right alongside where we were sitting. 

There with me were my sister, my baby niece, her mom, and some other people I don’t recall. All of a sudden two horses (a large one about sixteen hands high and another smaller about 14 hands), which were somehow tethered to each other in a very abnormal, painful way, came running down the track. The larger one, (both were bay colored geldings) who at first had a flaxen mane, looked directly at me. Both horses were in such a state of terror, foam coming out of their mouths, the whites of their eyes showing, and slathered in sweat. 

All the people I was with got up to go help them but they left the baby laying on the blanket, so I scooped her up so that the horses wouldn’t step on her in their agitated state.

In the next instant – as is want to happen in dreams – the larger horse was standing right next to me, his fear so evident. I got a hold of his reins and kept saying to him over and over, “Easy boy, it’s okay, whoa.” I could hear him breathing out hard, snorting. He kept starting and wanting to rear up. It’s strange because his mane was now solid black. I could see sores on his body but none were fatal although obviously painful. 

I kept telling my little niece to pet him and tell him it’s okay. Someone suggested that a guy named “Wainwright” could help “ME” with the horses. It was apparently automatically assumed I’d be the one responsible for these two horses. And I expected it to be so!

I remember in the next instant that all of the others were gone and I was walking both horses, holding on to their reins and repeatedly telling them, “It’s okay, easy boys, it’s okay. You’re safe now; I will take care of you. I will lay down my life for you if need be.” They were no longer bound to each other in the horrible, painful way prior to me taking hold of their reins. I led them to a safe place inside of a building. 

Now anyone who knows horses knows that they feel safer outside in the open where they can flee. In this dream though, these two horses knew they were safe because they were with me. They both settled down and even though I had not given them any water, food or addressed any wounds they were both suddenly very calm.

I can still hear the sound of their breathing and their hooves as they walked along the floor in this sort of fancy room – it seemed like a hotel lobby to me. 

As I sat waiting in this building for “Wainwright” to show up and help me get them to a safe place, both horses lied down and fell asleep laying right next me – one on either side. Horses do not lay down if they feel threatened or unsafe in any way. Typically in a wild herd they will lay down within the protection of the herd while others keep watch. The same is true when they are in a situation within domesticity where they feel safe. Or if they are just so sick they can no longer stand.

To sidetrack a bit I did look up the meaning of “wainwright” and this is what I learned from www.Dictionary.com none of which I knew prior to this dream:

Contemporary Examples: wainwright withholds the easy pleasure of revenge, or the noble suffering of a Robin Hood character.

Wainwright is also the definition of a wagon maker. A wainwright or cartwright is a trades person skilled in the making and repairing of wagons and carts. The word wainwright is the combination of the archaic words “wain” (a large wagon for farm use) and “wright” (a worker or maker).

Back to the story…

I didn’t feel that the horses were afraid any longer nor sick. They were worn out from running so long, as I recall a man saying when we first encountered the horses that they had been shot at or shot. Here they both were now laying on either side of me, with me stroking their big heads and telling them all the while, “That’s it boys, sleep now, you’re safe. I’ll lay down my life for you if necessary.” I remember that I was wearing a red and white shirt, and black pants. They were covered in horsehair and dirty, but I thought it all didn’t matter as long as I could get the horses to safety. 

Then the stupid electric rooster went off and woke me right out of that dream. In that half state of waking and sleep, I felt compelled to get “back there” to make certain the horses were safe. It was that real to me. 

What does it all mean? Well I believe it was of course a spiritual dream. Horses are mentioned throughout scripture in a way that conveys them as warriors and strong. 

With this dream still vivid in my mind, I opened my Bible to read my daily scripture. At the time I was reading out of the book of Leviticus. I began where I had left off the previous week as I read from a different part of scripture each day. 

I was in Chapter 26, and the first part of this chapter is all about how when we keep God’s Sabbath, walk in his statutes, and keep His commandments then God will bring us abundant provision. In verse 6 I read this and my heart stopped for a split second “And I will give peace in the land, and ye shall lie down, and none shall make you afraid:

When I shared this dream with my colleague and best friend, Jeannie, she asked me how I found that scripture. I said, “I didn’t, it was where I left off from last Monday.”

I don’t believe in coincidences so I know this dream was a God-orchestrated “whisper”.  I did some research into what the possible meaning of the colors, horses, and baby all meant. I made sure I obtained my information from a Christian-based website and here is some of what I discovered – I won’t share all of the information only what I believe is the possible meaning of each color (you can learn more from the website in the footnotes):

The color pink can represent the Lord taking away a stony heart and replacing it with one of soft flesh or being morally pure.   

At this time in my life I had begun a new journey with the Lord that took me completely out of my comfort zone away from the church I had been attending as well as the friends there, to begin a desert wilderness journey into deep Bible study and prayer with Jeannie. My husband and I had moved to our current home less than two years previously, leaving behind a neighborhood we’d lived in for sixteen years to start afresh in a new neighborhood in an adjoining city. I can say with full assurance this was exactly where the Lord wanted me so He could begin major re-creation in my life. 

The color black can mean the presence of the secret place of the Father or being healed in one’s personal life but it can also mean spiritual famine. Recalling where I was at this time in my life, I believe that it was all of the above. I know God was moving me; I was obeying even if it was uncomfortable as well as unfamiliar territory. I also know I needed a lot more spiritual nourishment in my life as I had been partaking of only the milk for far too long. 

Now we all know that the color red often represents blood, which symbolizes life, as it is the physical essence of life. However, the Blood of Jesus is the spiritual necessity of life and I was anemic in this area as well.  While this color can also mean being covered by His blood as well as overcoming or being victorious it can also symbolize being tempted by sin, being ill due to disobedience, or simply spiritual struggle. Again, it was all of the above in my case.  

The color white most often represents purity and righteousness but also can mean victory, truth, or a fresh view in your life.  I’ll play Joseph and share my interpretation of this dream sequence a bit further along in this story. 

Now we come to the horses and the baby…

As I said previously horses represent power and strength, used in war or battles so I already knew this but what I didn’t know was what the color of the horses meant. The flaxen mane turning black can be easily figured out from the white and black colors – being healed in spirit, becoming victorious over the occult influences I’d opened doors to in my life however naively but evident nonetheless. I was to learn later in this ongoing journey how to remove all of that from my life.

What about the bay color of the horses? It is an anointing, power and fire – all of which are representative of the Holy Spirit.

I believe this dream was God showing me He was bringing the fullness of Pentecost into my life just as He did with the apostles after the Resurrection of Jesus. Modern man seems to forget that the God of this age is the same God as of that time. He is the same yesterday, today and forever.  Hebrews 13:8

The baby was possibly representative of a rebirth, a miracle, even a ministry in its infancy. God is leading me in this area even if He hasn’t fully shared with me where it is all leading. He does that to grow us into dependency and surrender. I struggle with that not because I don’t want to be both but because I grew up learning and encouraged to be self-sufficient as well as resourceful. Rather than leaning on my own understanding, God is teaching me to let that all go and to trust Him step-by-baby-step. 


In light of that spiritual warfare I was unwittingly embroiled in, God was reminding me exactly what Jesus has gone through for us and continues to do for us – He has overcome the world and the darkness.  God really doesn’t ask much of us in return because He also enables us to keep his statutes and commandments if we’re but surrendered to Him and willing.

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” ~Ephesians 6:12, KJV

The other dream I had that same year with a horse as the central theme, was even more surreal than the previous one. 

I don’t remember all the contents or circumstances of it, but I  remember I was standing in a field, just outside of the protection of a deep forest. It appeared to be early morning, as there was a heavy, misty fog all around.

I was alone. Or so I initially thought.

Out of the mist came a big, beautiful bay stallion – note the color of this one being the same as the previous two and in this case I think the anointing, power and flame are even more apropos.  

He carried himself with such elegance but with his wildness apparent as he silently came towards me. Before I knew it he was right in front of me, as he beckoned me to himself with his eyes. 

As I came alongside him, the unspoken communication between us grew. By invitation I glided up onto his back and, much to my joy, he and I sped through the forest as though one being -without bridle or saddle which is my preference. 

At the time of this dream I had been studying the book of Revelation where the Lord tells us of the new earth and the new heaven (And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea. ~Revelation 21:1, KJV) so that was on my mind when I went to sleep that night. 

I felt and still do, that this dream was a gift of what it will one day be like in eternity for those of us in Christ Jesus. The enmity between mankind and all of creation will end. There will be no more fear, pain, sorrow, or suffering. That the Lord sent me a horse to share a hint of that world with me in a dream was so exciting to me. I could not share the story with Jeannie without us both breaking into tears of joy and anticipation for that longed for day when He takes us Home with Him forever. 

I’m not sure what you will take away from these dreams, but I know what I have taken from them.  Once again God has taught me a little more about His character through His animal kingdom, this time in dreams through the first animal I felt a connection to – the horse.

I saw heaven standing open and there before me was a white horse, whose rider is called Faithful and True. ~Revelation 19:11, NIV



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