Popcorn, Dogs, Hummingbirds, Habitation
Popcorn, Dogs, Hummingbirds, Habitation

Popcorn, Dogs, Hummingbirds, Habitation

dramatic NM sunrise
Another of our dramatic sunrises

This topic has been on my heart since July of the strangest year ever – 2020. I just didn’t feel released from God to share any of it until now. I knew this was all coming – and not just from reading my Bible for decades but because of what I’d learned over the years I’ve been in natural health. We all have gifts and talents, mine seems to be in being able to connect dots (a conduit) and see things in advance. I remember asking a good friend over ten years ago, who is connected in federal government, about a few things – which he responded believing none of it was true. Guess what? They are true as the entire world is learning this year. My friend is an amazing man, but his talents are different is all – and quite extensive as well. So what in the world do popcorn, dogs, hummingbirds and habitation have to do with each other, 2020 or anything I just wrote? Hang around and find out as I do my best to connect those dots.



Popcorn is just a dried seed that is not edible UNTIL it is put into oil (Holy Spirit) and then the heat (circumstances/enemy) is turned up high enough to make it pop. It is then changed from the inside out – the kernel turns itself inside out. THEN and only then does it become something useful to us. So many of my brethren in Christ Jesus have been going through a major shaking along with the world shakings. We are being awoken to where we dropped the ball. We are here to be transformed and disciple others, not just to get a free ticket into heaven. By the way, the ticket was never free – Jesus paid the ultimate price to redeem us.  We’re meant to be in the game AND stay there for the duration of our earthly lives. We are being popped in hot oil

Being transformed from the inside out! Handing out popcorn in my dream to friends was a Truth reveal to me of them graduating to bigger things as they handled being in the oil and being truly transformed into warriors in the Army of the Most High God. I can’t even begin to tell you all that I’ve learned about some of my friends (both online and offline) during this 2020 crisis. As Joseph said to his brothers in scripture, “You meant it for harm, but God meant it for good” (Genesis 50:20). I’ll just leave that scripture here for you to look up (read the entire chapter though) since some reading this may wonder about that. I’d be lying if I said I never have. However, I sure do understand what it means now so much better, especially in light of this year. Hang on as I’ll connect the dots to the best of my ability at the end of this post in one paragraph. My hope is to encourage you above anything else, especially that there IS a purpose to all of this and it has been foretold in the Word of God all along.


Anatolian Shepherd

Shortly after this dream (the same night), I had a dream about two Anatolian Shepherds.  One was a grown dog and the other an older puppy (guardian in training). The dogs were outside my bedroom window. I woke up (it sure is weird being asleep in a dream lol) because I heard some taunting outside as my window was open. I opened the curtain and saw the dogs were being harassed by some boys. The dogs were standing like sentries just looking at me, completely ignoring the taunting of the boys. I yelled out for the boys to stop it.  One boy ran right up to my window and leered at me, then he asked me a very vulgar question. So I slammed the window shut and closed the curtains. It was obvious to me what the boys really were – demon antagonists. I’ve actually experienced something similar in real life. I’ll share the podcast at the end of this post so you can listen in if you want to know more.

Back to the dream, the Anatolians were not a bit phased by the taunts of the demon boys. They were there to guard ME. This dream had blue overtones to it… late dusk or very early morning before the dawn just as it’s getting light. I woke up after closing the window and shutting the curtain. I’ve had dreams like these all of my life but more so recently during 2020. Due to my prayer life and the time I’ve been spending in the Presence of God (last section of this post), is why these warrior angels were sent to protect me during my sleep. Anatolian Shepherd dogs are a beautiful guardian breed. I’ve never had one so I think it’s interesting that they were the breed in my dream. I always have dogs as guardians in my dreams nowadays. I used to have them as attackers for years in my dreams but that has all changed in recent years since my sweet Great Dane Meshach passed away. That’s when I learned all about spiritual warfare and what was going on in our lives during his short time here with us on earth. He was here for that mission and that alone. God has ALWAYS taught me through His animal kingdom, always. That’s why I wrote my book, Animals Taught Me That.



Then in August I took this pic. Can you see it? Sometimes you can hear them before you ever see them. I had to be patient and stand there waiting to hopefully capture one – on camera of course not literally. The thing was, I stood still and waited.  I was out on my morning walk time with my Carolina Dog Ezra and God in my lower yard (we live on a half acre). I heard one, stayed still, then captured it – on film that is. They hover over me a lot, especially when I’m sunbathing. I’ve had experiences with these special birds for years now since we moved into this desert home. Our yard is an oasis free of pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers. Plus, we have bird baths as well as flowering vines and trees. So they are naturally attracted to our yard. Repeatedly during a two week period in late July and early August I heard God say to me, “be still and KNOW I Am God” (Psalm 46:10). AND “lo I Am with you always even to the end of the age, I never leave nor forsake you” (Matthew 28:20). I’ve heard this a lot. On videos, in devotionals, reading scripture, in my heart often. 20-30 times at least in a 2 week period.

Then on the day I took the photo of the hummingbird God said to me during my journaling time with Him,  “Daughter, even though you can’t see Me you CAN hear Me. Kim you know I Am here. Always.”  

He has been guiding and preparing me all along for such a time as this (see podcast of that at the end of this post).


Coffee and bible

Now finally we get to all that the above is saying.  I’ll explain at the end of this section why I am sharing this kind of thing on my blog all the time now as well. Back during this same time period, my good friend, retired veterinarian Dr. Bassham, had mentioned to me the word “habitation” several times in reference to us “abiding” in God. In His Presence.  

Then during the same time I was listening to yet another video by Kevin Zadai and he said, “Remember it’s Revelation, Visitation, Habitation.” In that order. WOW!

Then I began to read a book by Rick Renner titled, Last Days Survival Guide: A scriptural handbook to prepare you for these perilous times.” In this book Pastor Rick mentions a Greek word, “Plero’o“. Pastor Rick is an expert in Greek so the book has a LOT of Greek explanations for words that are very limited in English.

A couple of days later I read the same word in Jonathan Cahn’s 365 daily devotional book, The Book of Mysteries.

What is the meaning of the word? This page will sum it up for you, the meaning of Plero’o. For me it is summed up as “my cup overflows” (Psalm 23:5) Or even better, “overflowing with the Presence of God.” Another Psalm that begins with the Habitation, is Psalm 91. Let me share a few of those verses beginning in verse 1, “He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” Verse 9,”Because you have made the Lord, who is my refuge, Even the Most High, your dwelling place (aka habitation)”. He also says in 1 John 3:6, “Now he who keeps His commandments abides in Him, and He in him.” He is who dwells or abides in me and I in Him. What safer, more secure, more abundant place is there than Him? There is none! All bolding is mine.

Tune in to God's Voice

That word has a LOT of meaning as you can see. But it is ALL connected to what I’ve shared throughout this post.

Do you see the connection yet? If not let me try to break it down a bit for you.


The popcorn dream was a revelation about the graduation of me and my friends in the faith – glory to glory (2 Corinthians 3:18). The dog dream was related to the popcorn dream. The dog dream was forewarning me about the demon antagonists around me (with believers they are antagonists – with unbelievers they are controlling) to stop me from seeing and obeying God’s directives for me. The hummingbird was a visitation. Reminding me to be still, wait and hold my ground, standing firm in the faith (Ephesians 6). Then the last part is habitation – allowing God to fully occupy me spirit, soul (mind/will/emotions) and body.  I’m working on that daily – through prayer, fasting, and more. Why? Because we are in the last of the last days. To God that could be a decade or two more. Or not. It is up to the Body of Christ – whether we do our part or not. I’ve been praying to that end for the entire body of Christ to step it up and BE the Bride in thoughts, words, deeds. 

Guess what? This entire post can be for you as well. THINK and PRAY about it please. We no longer have slack time yo. Not any. That is why you are seeing my posts focused this way now. 

Handsome American Bully dog King

Of course I’ll always teach on natural, whole health for us and our dogs. Why? Because that has always been the assignment God planted in my DNA. To help animals and people BE WELL. Since I was eight years old. Did you know that eight is the number of new beginnings? Jesus is our New Beginning. Now in these last days we are in a battle and a march for the greatest soul harvest ever, until we go Home for all eternity. I’ve prayed, cried, read, worshipped, fasted, and everything in between for us all who are His, and those who will be His. In His Presence (that is also Plero’o). I don’t miss any of my assignments nor do I want to miss KNOWING Him more and more and more. So I stay on target for HIS purpose, vision and plan.

Until next time…

Have a PAWsitively, tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!



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