Got a BONE to pick?
Got a BONE to pick?

Got a BONE to pick?

You’d think these two would each get one of the two nylabones and enjoy that way right? No, these two ALWAYS do this lol. King, our American Bully, is on the left and Ezra, our Carolina Dog, is on the right. Let me share an update with you and why this pic is very significant. King looks like he’s blended right into the carpet and light, but the sun was right on him and he had his legs splayed out in front of himself as usual lol.

I’ve been doing the DOGgone Truth (DGT) podcast since July 2018. Prior to that it was the Animal Talk Naturally (ATN) podcast from 2005-2018 with my colleague. 

I began really missing having a co-host to interact with though. I’ve prayed on this and have even taken a short hiatus from my podcast recently to see if it was something God willed for me to continue. I knew something was off as I believe I’d been trying to recreate the old podcast which didn’t work without my colleague to be frank. I even added in a few of our old episodes to DGT. Still it has felt off. 

I know in my heart (where Holy Spirit resides) that yes I need a co-host and to continue the podcast. Let’s see if you can figure out who the new co-host will be by the end of this blog post. Also understand my goal is always to help YOU and YOUR dogs BE WELL. I think that ought to be the motto of the podcast don’t you?

So back to the story…

the DOGgone Truth podcast

King is my husband Donnie’s boy. They’ve been bonded from Day One of King’s arrival into our home. Ezra bonded to me the same way no matter how much he and I have struggled and bickered with each other – we are a lot alike I’ve come to realize (same with King and Donnie). So as the podcast goes forward my new co-host is sure to be evident to you by the end of this post. I’m certain these two canine rascals will also join in with some vocals of their own. DGT’s new direction is certain to be very different than not only the previous podcast was but also very different than this one has been to date. 

I’m super excited about this so I hope you’ll tune in as we begin this month very soon. DGT is listed on all the podcast directories which means available in all the podcast apps such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Pandora, Google Podcasts, RadioPublic, Alexa, iHeart Radio, Podbean, PlayerFM, ListenNotes, etc., so we’re easy to find. Hope you’ll join us and participate in commenting with us. We can even do live shows with a chat feature if you’re logged onto the Podbean app. Hope you’ll join us and yes, we’ll be picking some bones along the way!  Here is our short episode introducing Donnie:

Until next time…

Have a PAWSitively, tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!



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