Age of Deception

Hey humans, I’m back to blog again, woof! I’m glad though honestly it’s just to blog. I miss my mom and dad a lot though, but I like it here in heaven. Shadrach is often with me but he does like hanging out with Schatzie – because she’s so pretty. Anyway, I’m still the Striped Ambassador (aka Meshach the Great Dane for those who don’t know me yet) here too – well heaven doesn’t really need that as everything is run in the perfect love of God, but I still get to be ME here. Anyway, Mom asked me to blog about this very difficult subject, the Age of Deception, bepaws of all that happened to me while I was on earth. Just hang on for one minute as I say something to Mom so you can all read it okay?

Mom, you know that even though my life was short, I loved you as much as you loved me right? Don’t cry, just be happy that I am happy and healthy here. I came and did the work I was supposed to with you and Dad, but Mom you let it hurt you in a very sad way. You gave up wanting to do your best with my canine buddies. That’s why God sent you and Dad, King and Schatzie. When Schatzie left she was hoping you’d be okay when another came along. Ezra is challenging you to just believe who God made you to be so you can help him while helping others with their dogs. I know you care a LOT Mom. Just release it to God and He will heal all of that so you can go gangbusters again okay? Ezra is challenging on purpose bepaws he needs you to help him even better than you helped me! Okay, let’s get back to the topic at hand…

Great Dane on futon

Mom shared a story privately with a friend recently that truly does put all of this deception stuff into one short story – and it came from an OLD movie…well it’s old to me bepaws it was DECADES before I lived, woof! Time isn’t an issue here in heaven so I guess it’s a moot point – do you like my grown up vocabulary? I do too, we get even smarter in heaven hehe. Anyway she said this, “I saw a movie when I was a child – yep, I watched horror movies all my life until l learned how that is an ‘open door’ to the occult. Anyway, it was an old horror-sci-fi movie called The Time Machine. The men in the movie went to a dimension where there were horrible monsters living underground. On the surface all the people were all very healthy and young. They had good food and everything was beautiful. However, when a bell would ring loudly from underground they’d all sort of go into a trance and begin going down the tunnel to the underground monsters. They couldn’t resist. They had to go. You see, they were merely human sheep being harvested as food.  I think this same privilege is being cultivated today so certain people will think they’re extra special and don’t need to be responsible citizens – btw ALL people are special to God. When the time comes they’ll be the first to be harvested too like the people in the movie which is all part of the satanic trans-human agenda and eugenics. God has a much better plan though so stay tuned. “

That sounds pretty creepy but the good news it is all being exposed more and more. Mom prays everyday that as it is and the truth is revealed that people will RECEIVE the Truth. You have to receive it to believe it humans! Why would Mom ask me, the ambassador dog of her entire pack to share this hard news with you all? Well bepaws I was the one who died the hardest. I was 15 months old. I was naturally reared BUT the epigenetic damage to me through the use of vacSINs messed me up so that I had terrible, terrible grand Mal seizures. I never complained though. I was a good boy Mom says. I AM a good boy Mom and we’ll see each other again, WOOF! I’m still your Micky Picky you know. You even sing a song to Ezra that is VERY similar, hmmm. I’m not jealous though bepaws there isn’t any of that silly stuff here in heaven.

So why all of this now? I’ll refer you back to two of mom’s “heavy” blog posts at the end of this one so you can really DIG in and read those humans, paw-lease okay? We animals have been the experiment but it has progressed into human experimentation. I won’t go further bepaws if you are only watching mainstream news or listening only to conventional doctors, it won’t make a bit of sense to you. I’m here to tell you to DIG in and start to learn. Really learn okay? We animals are STILL the experiments but you humans have also joined in that worldwide. Sadly, there have been human experiments for a LONG time too. God is saying that humans all over the world, but especially in the West, are going to be in for such a shocker soon. Since I’m an Ambassador Angel Dog, I’m here to share a little bit of the news now so you can receive it in a small bite. I keep saying DIG bepaws it was and is one of my most favorite things to do – I dug a trench in our native yard just so I could watch all the wild animals that were around then without them seeing me. We dogs will DIG until we get what we want – maybe you humans can try it too!

Mom can tell you that I was the best boy ever. I can even tell you that my entire litter are all in heaven now – we all were at a fairly young age. And don’t tell me Great Danes don’t live long anyway. Well we would and have when we’re naturally reared for generations, being fed good, raw carnivore food, not infected by injection, and not slathered in toxins. We just do. I didn’t bepaws 1) I was 1st generation which tells you how much that stuff accumulates and impacts us and 2) bepaws I was the one who was supposed to help Mom see deeper. I know that sounds hard to take and believe, but everything does have a purpose humans. The best thing is, I got to come here after my short time on earth!! It’s amazing, I hope ALL of you will join us here one day when your unique mission on earth is complete. If you think me and Mom are kookoo, that’s okay, humans in natural health are used to that being said about them. All I know is I was super loved, super well-cared for and super easy as a good dog.

Meshach the Great Dane being elegant

Mom and Dad will be talking about me on their podcast (I’m excited they do that TOGETHER now!) so be sure to check that out so you can learn more about me as I will be blogging here regularly too alongside the others in this pack.

Below is a very hard to watch docuseries which may make some of you very angry like Mom has been over the years, but hopefully you’ll not be so angry at the doctors and veterinarians, but rather at the evil system that slithered in through the evil one and took it all over. Oh and the “heavenly places” part in the scripture verse below is NOT in THE Heaven with God (as in 3rd) but in the 2nd heaven.

“For we do not wrestle again flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rules of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” ~Ephesians 6:12, NKJV

Lethal Injection 2: A Corruption of Blood (Part One) (This work is public domain and not monetized. You are free to recut, reuse or repost the video in any way.) Watch:BitChute | Brighteon | (Banned by YouTube) Download:1080p | 720p | 480p The series will continue in 2021 with parts two and three. Clint

Here are the two blog posts I mentioned and an article:

That’s all for this time humans. Remember to…

Have a PAWSitively, tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day, WOOF!



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