What Did You Find Toto?

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In the well known movie, the Wizard of Oz, it took a cute little Cairn Terrier named Toto to pull back the curtain to expose the fraudster calling himself the Wizard. The Dorothy Team – Dorothy in her ruby red slippers hmmm, the Cowardly Lion, the Scarecrow, and the Tin Man, along with Toto – had come into the palace of the Wizard. As the scary man (lol as my nephew called my uncle when he was little) on the big screen was yelling at them, Toto made his way over to a curtain and pulled it back to expose the wimpy old man using a big machine to make all the noise on the big screen. Apparently the “wizard” wasn’t any such thing. He was as lost and frightened as Dorothy but found a way to make himself intimidating (and prosperous) in order to control the people of Oz.

We’re living in the Land of Oz in the entire world these days. Most of the people behind the scenes causing this massive chaos in the world seem to all be just like the fake wizard in the movie who hide behind their massive amounts of money (which again often is obtained in questionable ways that has and do cause so much suffering in this world – to people, animals, everything) which in turn helps them BUY all the power they desire, to be able to then manipulate the masses for their personal gain. The truth is, only fear can drive a person this way – whether for fame, fortune, power, greed, whatever is driving them it always boils down to one thing: FEAR. That’s always from the lying evil one.

You see, Toto wasn’t afraid. He knew there was something behind the curtain so he pulled it away. The fake wizard (who turned out to be a kindly old man – which often isn’t the case though in this world) turned around and noticed he was seen by the Dorothy Team, but that didn’t stop him from trying to continue the charade…at least for a minute or two. Then he gave in. Good boy Toto!

What am I driving at? Well, I’ll link to three posts I wrote (in depth) – July 2020, January 2021, and July 2021 (I didn’t plan those dates but apparently God did). In them I shared what seemed super controversial at the time and were even labeled coN$pir@ssy theory aka CT going forward in this post. FYI whenever they do that be sure to DIG in and learn because fact checkers aren’t that, they are actually truth censors. In the 3rd post I even explain where that term CT came from. We are definitely living in the age of deception that goes so deep it makes Alice in Wonderland’s escapades seem like fantasy…har har.

In these posts I go into details, link to articles and videos except YouTube de-platformed many of those channels – again do your homework outside of the conventional sources to learn the TRUTH not just propaganda. I connected dots – I didn’t memorize them as the school SYSTEM teaches us to do. I was censored (partially suspended on FB actually – I was censored also for sharing a meme on the immune system hmmm) once for sharing what is historical (non-manufactured) fact from WWII. My father was a Marine in that war. His eyes were wide open after that. I couldn’t do anything but laugh, especially as part of my 30-day partial suspension was that I couldn’t purchase any ads from FB during that time – WHATEV since I don’t buy ads there anyway! Okay I’m going down a rabbit hole so back to the topic….

Nearly everything I shared in these three posts I mentioned above have now proven to be TRUTH. One thing I won’t do is try to convince anyone though, especially since none of us can ever do that without draconian type force (which we’re also seeing worldwide now). It’s up to each of us to not only seek out the truth but to learn the difference between facts (human made) and truth (God – in the Person of Jesus Christ). I’ll insert my last podcast episode for you here on that:

Let’s get to the real point of this message which is a video circulating that is getting all kinds of great feedback but equally as much negative feedback even from those who profess to be truth prophets. It’s up to you to believe…or not. I am used to the term “not a real doctor” being used against any of us in natural health which is what gets said about the doctor in this video. Nowadays if the “real” doctors don’t go along with the mainstream narrative they also get vilified, censored and more. The point is, the doctor in this short documentary has as much training as them but without the slant of the indoctrination training those trained by the medical mafia receive. I’ll just drop that video here for you:

Before I go, let me share what God told me in December 2020 – I honestly don’t care if anyone believes this or not. I know what He said. I know it wasn’t my own thought as that wasn’t at all on my mind. But again, the Truth never needs defending, it just needs to be released. I asked Him about the jab and planned-demic. He shared with me the way He often does in a Q&A metaphor/parable fashion – He did that in scripture too. Since He is unchanging this isn’t surprising but in truth FUN. He said, “In the wilderness what happened to My children when the plague of snakes came?” (Read the book of Exodus if you want to know all the details). I said, “Many died from the venomous bites.” He said, “Yes, so what did I have Moses do?” I said, “You had him make two snakes out of bronze and put them up on a pole.” He said, “To accomplish what?” I said, “Any of them who looked at that pole did not die from the venom from the snake bites.” He said, “Okay so tell My children now to look at the Cross to do the same for them.” I said, “I will Lord.” And I have. Now I am doing it publicly as that time has arrived. I don’t have a massive following or anything other than this blog and my podcast. No big following, but I know that each one of us who are children of the Most High God can each do what He says for us to do. So I am. That said, I believe 100% what God said to me. I am not saying I believe everything said in the video.

As I’ve DUG into LOTS of research on the jabs over MANY years, it’s become obvious to me that they all do similar things as a snake bite. ALL have been tested on animals prior and I know much of what happens on that also as a former veterinary technician. In fact the testing was done on our pets for decades since we complied with all of the scare tactics to do that very thing. So they’ve all become the massive experiment under the guise of health care delivery.

Faith article added February 27, 2023: A Time of Choosing! Whose Report Will You Choose to Believe?


Here are the three posts I’ve mentioned. I invite you to consider each one and what is shared here. Call it fiction or fantasy or truth. It’s really up to you.

  1. Tripping the Dark Fantastic
  2. The Century of the Cells
  3. Speaking Better Things

Leave it to a dog to pull back the curtain to expose the lie to reveal the TRUTH! Can you DIG it?!

Here is the podcast of this post:

Until next time…

Have a PAWSitively, tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!



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