Boy Dog Mom

Carolina Dog & American Bully dog begging for ice cream
Ezra and King begging

I need a woman cave LOL. I’m surrounded in my home by testosterone – three males which include my husband and two boy dogs. That makes me a boy dog mom – which I’ve almost always been with the exception of a few females over the years with the latest notable blessing of our first Carolina Dog Schatzie who sadly passed away January 10, 2019. We still miss her so very much.

Since our Carolina Dog Ezra came to live with us, quietness is a rarity in our home since he seems to think he’s the keeper of the neighborhood. To be fair, I do realize that it is the responsibility of the humans to be good leaders so the dog doesn’t think he/she has to be. We failed Ezra big time – topic for another blog post which I believe will be forthcoming soon since God has put upon my heart to not only be transparent but to know that the solution is always within the problem. Ezra is not the problem, even though he came with quirks due to some things in his lineage, any dog can be a good dog when properly trained and guided. That’s where I failed him. I’ve shared some of that in the Chronicles of Ezra category if you want to go read there and in the Allegories category. Going forward with him means to love him fully with active engagement in helping him to learn with encouragement. He is my level up no doubt about it just as my Neo Mastiff Shadrach was. I was fully engaged with Shadrach (1999) so now I must make that same commitment again with Ezra even though he’s now nearly 3 years old and we’ve had him since he was 9 weeks old – we got him September 2019.

At any rate I’m very grateful for our American Bully King for being the balance in our home – even though he too has some weird quirks. In all fairness every living being on this planet has some quirks, some of us just more than others. Based upon our sensitivity, culture, environment, etc. Those are far more important in molding us than genetics by the way. Look up “epigenetics” – I delved into that a few years ago and it will be shared in upcoming education I plan to roll out…again. Finally. Okay I digress, back to the woman cave and boy dog mom.

Mo and baby Kim
Mo and Me

So the photo I’m sharing here is from an evening after dinner a couple of weeks ago. I’m just sitting here on my couch minding my own business having a little bit of ice cream while watching a chick flick with my husband – he endures poor guy (we have all the scripts figured out in advance since we’re such sleuths HAH).

So I’m watching the movie only to look up and see BOTH dogs doing this. Ezra does this every time I eat ice cream while repeatedly sticking out his tongue 🤣 King NEVER did this UNTIL he saw that Ezra gets to lick the spoon AFTER I’m done. King doesn’t do this ALL the time like Ezra but they both like to lick the spoon after – same when I’m baking during the winter. King is a gentleman but Ezra is pushy of course.

No, I don’t share with them – although my mom said I shared with my first dog, Mo, as a toddler.

At least their begging stares keep me from overindulging – whew she says hahaha. So I had nothing earth shattering or mind expanding to share with you today, just some fun and transparency.

At any rate, dogs…gotta love ‘em even when they test and try you to the limit. Yes, I do draw the line at ice cream. Well I draw the line at a lot of things because I feed them a carnivore specific diet but they do get to lick the spoons on more human indulgence stuff! I am a boy dog mom, after all.

Until next time…

Have a PAWSitively, tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!



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