Begging or Believing?

Dogs waiting on breakfast

This past summer I had an interesting dream. A friend of mine in the faith helped me learn a few things about dream interpretation which helped me with this particular dream. It also has helped me learn to discern things in our waking moments as well. This isn’t so much about dogs however, in my life they always play a role, as I’m sure if you’re reading this blog they do in yours as well.

Dream opening…

In the dream I was with my husband Donnie in a kitchen that was apparently ours in the dream but not in real life. It was his birthday as well – although Donnie’s actual birthday is in the spring not the summer. I went to open our freezer door – a single door white refrigerator with the freezer above the refrigerator. The older type models – not a side-by-side. Inside of the refrigerator were a lot of very beautifully wrapped presents to which we were both marveling at since neither of us are extraordinarily skilled in present wrapping.

Side trail to make the point before I share the simple conclusion and dream interpretation….

In the photo our two dogs, Ezra, our Carolina Dog on the right. King our American Bully on the left. They are anticipating their daily meal as they are raw fed and only fed once a day which is far better for their carnivore needs than multiple meals. My husband throws them tidbits as he’s cutting up stuff. Our dogs look like the epitome of well-trained dogs during this daily event because they are begging for snacks……or are they BELIEVING for tidbits? I think they are BELIEVING for it because they’ve experienced this process repeatedly. If they just do their part by sitting nicely, waiting on Donnie, then they will receive their reward. This really depends on perspective doesn’t it? If you were to see this photo without any backstory, what would you think is the case? Begging or believing?

Now back to my dream…

There was nothing else in the freezer except for these beautifully wrapped presents filling the entire freezer. I took them all out at once – which can happen in dreams – and laid them on the counter top marveling at them. Then I woke up. What could that all mean? From what I learned from the friend I mentioned at the beginning of this post, a husband can represent Jesus (since I’m a Believer, daughter of God – need to qualify that) in dreams like this. I think that’s exactly who Donnie represented in my dream. I remember looking at the presents and asking Donnie why he hadn’t opened them yet, then I woke up. End of dream.

What do these two scenarios have to do with one another?

Well, the packages were MINE to open and purchased for me by the blood of Jesus when I became a follower, believer of His. I’ve kept many of them in the freezer unused all of my years of being a Christian as they were just too beautiful to open. So rather than BELIEVING these were mine to open and utilize, I’ve kept them on ice. Then in prayer I’d beg Him for things that He’d already purchased for me but were left unopened.

After what I’ve been going through the last couple of months, more than ever I realize how much those gifts need opening and using. Plus I’ve often begged Him in fear rather than believing Him in faith – a fruitless endeavor to be frank. Have you ever tried to find fruit on a fruit tree in summer but there wasn’t any? How silly is that, to have a fruit tree with no fruit on it? Well, it’s just as silly to not receive what is already ours in Him. In His absolute kindness, He still answers some of the begging prayers just to show me His love I’m sure but is limited since He has already redeemed me and purchased most of the things I tend to beg for in what masquerades as humility but isn’t. There is far more to this scenario but I am released to share this small tidbit now. It feels childlike but then He asks us to come to Him in that kind of tender humility that children naturally walk in when they’re very little. Or puppies, wagging their tails, happy, waiting to be loved and in fact expecting it…we could go down a rabbit hole just on that one thing alone but I won’t just to stay on this simple topic.

So rip off that beautiful wrapping paper and receive those gifts if you already follow Him. If you don’t, come on, what are you waiting for? The gifts are worth far more than we can realize. To be received here and now – not at some later date after we live in misery and get our ticket to heaven. That was never the ultimate plan. Again, if you want to deep dive into this then join us in TranzformU. It’s been such a blessing to me and eye-opening to say the least. Best decision I made in 2021 and now still going beyond into 2023. You can also check out the free Face-to-Face Challenge to make certain this is a good fit for you – you’ll gain a ton of value just in that alone.

Just look at my dogs – the highlights of their day consist of ALL the laws health, not just one or two, but ALL of them – good food (nutrition), exercise, pure water, sunshine, fresh air, temperance, good rest and they TRUST in their provision for ALL of those by their humans. They abide in knowing us and how we’ll provide for them by our consistency. Well God’s Word is NEVER changing. He is not a man that He can lie, nor son of a man that He would need to repent. His Word accomplishes all He says. Always. So, receive the gifts by faith, believe, receive, abide. No more begging required.

Until next time…

Have a PAWSitively, tail waggin’, BELIEVING IN FAITH, day!



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