What Is Health?

Back in September of 2023, I wrote this article about this very topic (in truth, I’ve written on this topic in so many ways for 20 years now): The Journey to Natural Animal Health. This has been my life journey, not just to natural animal health but for people too! My goal is to help us go deeper than just the superficial we tend to embrace in anything health related. Why? Because we are drawn to the easy road when in reality that’s the stagnant pool of water. Health is much more like a free-flowing river, with white water in parts, with calmer and smoother waters in other parts. It’s ALIVE and ever-changing in other words.

Naturopathy is the foundational lifestyle for good health. It has become, however in modern times, appearing more and more like conventional health at least in its approach. However, I stick to the tried and true traditional naturopathy that I learned. I know why this has happened, but in this blog post I don’t intend to go into that but I will share a quote of mine from an article series I wrote back in 2008, titled Come to the Edge (the quote is taken from Part 3 – all are linked within this first one) to state it clearly for those who desire to know:

Fear tethers us. Fear binds us. Fear locks us in cages. Fear pushes for laws that punish others who don’t agree with our point of view. Fear shrinks, shrivels, and diminishes us until we’re locked in a dark, dank dungeon within our own souls thinking all is lost save our agendas to control others lest they control us first. Only love delivers us from bondage. Only love sets us free.“~Dr. Kim Bloomer

Disease is fear-based. Health is based in love. Does that mean that everyone who is sick doesn’t have love? No, that’s not what I’m saying. It means we are taught to fear as that is what keeps us controlled as victims. Living healthy in a state of love and appreciation of life, connected to others keeps us FREE as victors. A simple equation I’ve connected the dots on is this…

Fear / separation / lies / control vs love / connection / truth/ freedom. Once we disconnect from the fear then the rest follows. Does this translate for our animals? Yes, as I’ve stated so often over the years, they have no filter for our thoughts, attitudes, words, and actions. They are open receivers. Keep in mind that animals don’t ponder all of this. They DO, however, take in how we’re acting and even what we’re thinking. No, they aren’t mind-readers, but thoughts are energy and since they have no filter for us, they can become an extended kidney for us. I believe (as do some of my colleagues) that WE are what is primarily wrong with our animals. Wild animals die mostly from predation and starvation or injuries. Disease has been wrought upon them by our encroachment.

So let me break down the naturopathic principles for both human and animal health to help us start or continue in health:

  1. The Healing Power of Nature. (vix medicatrix naturae) The body has the inherent ability to heal itself. This healing process is intelligent and ordered. Naturopathy supports and assists the healing process by identifying and removing obstacles to a cure, and by using nature and nature’s remedies that work with, not against, the body’s natural processes. 
  2. Identify and Address the Cause. (tolle causum) Every illness has a cause. Causes may occur on the physical, mental or emotional level. Symptoms are expressions of the body’s attempt to heal, but are not the cause of illness. Naturopaths are trained to find and assist the body in removing the underlying cause of an illness rather than just eliminating or suppressing symptoms. 
  3. First Do No Harm. (primum non nocere) Naturopaths use nature’s methods that minimize the risk of harmful side effects. Methods designed to suppress symptoms but not remove the underlying cause are usually harmful, their use is always avoided. 
  4. Target the Whole Person/Animal. When evaluating an animal (or person); all aspects of that animal (physical, mental and emotional) are taken into account. 
  5. Prevention is the Best Cure. Illness is due to imbalance – improper diet, habits, exposure to toxins and general lifestyle. Naturopaths assess risk factors and susceptibility to disease and make appropriate recommendations to prevent health challenges, or to prevent existing health challenges from developing into more serious or chronic states. The emphasis is on building and promoting health rather than treating disease.

Really there is no such thing as “disease” in the Westernized meaning of the word – merely symptoms of a body out of balance. The worse the symptoms the more out of balance the body. I can use the symptoms as a road map to guide me in helping me guide my client to the solution for their animal. The focus in other words is to always promote health over treating disease. It’s a whole other mindset. Let me share what I told a friend a while back when asked about a particular “dis-ease” she THOUGHT she was beginning to manifest in her own body – I always must first clarify with people if they are asking about themselves or their animals lol. It’s just how it seems to go – especially since the principals of naturopathy are the same for both human and animal health and I’d say this to a client as well for their animal: “One thing I’ve learned is to not put a label on what is happening in my body. I simply support my body where it’s needed and reject the symptoms and illness by not giving them a landing strip in my mind.” 

I don’t want to encourage any of what’s happening to fully manifest in my body. I know people want a “diagnosis” because we’ve been taught to find out so we can treat accordingly. What I shared with you above on the principles is really what we need for health. Let me briefly elaborate with a short story. Not a few of my clients have come to me with pets that were ailing from the exact same “diagnosis” as them. Why? They live in the same house with the same lifestyle. No filter for our thoughts, stress, attitudes, etc. In the process of helping them with their pets, the changes helped them. In fact, it encouraged them to begin in earnest for themselves. 


My colleague and dear friend, Dr. Jeannie Thomason, who sadly passed away March 9, 2022, shared a story about a dog (on a podcast episode of ours) that had to have his leg amputated at the vet clinic she worked at – we’re both former techs. The dog was fine when he left the clinic as they adapt rather quickly. However, it wasn’t long before the owner was calling to say the dog wasn’t eating well, wasn’t wanting to be active and was declining. After bringing the dog back in to be checked out, he got excited to see the staff and began running around like he had all four legs. What changed? The atmosphere. You see the owner was so sad and crying over her dog’s loss of his leg that her dog picked up on it and began to respond to his owner’s depression. So who needed to be cheered up? The owner! Once they got that understood, with steps for her take, the dog readily improved and did fine. 

Truth of the matter is, no doctor or physician of any kind can heal anyone or any animal – the body heals itself. However, it takes a willingness to let go of what hasn’t been working or is merely convenient for us humans to what is expedient and best for our animals.  None of this may be convenient (at least initially but it soon becomes lifestyle) but it is sure worth it! If you recall from the principles listed above, naturopathy follows the edict, “First, do no harm.“ The use of natures’ remedies support the healing process, not work against it.

A quote I’ve OFTEN used since 2008 by Mike Donkers in his article titled, Understanding the True Nature of Disease states, “Pathogens and micro-organisms are part of life. They are the original life forms and they fulfill a very complex function. All forms of cellular life on earth share genetic links. Humans are genetically linked to so-called pathogens, or micro-organisms. We actually consist of bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites and other micro-organisms and they form part of our system. Plants and animals are also made up of these. Béchamp discovered that if he stopped fighting micro-organisms and instead improved what he called the ‘milieu’, the environment of the cells, the so-called ‘pathogens’ did not disappear but actually aided in repairing the cells. By not focusing on the disease but on healing instead, Béchamp witnessed the pathogens doing the same. When he concentrated on the disease, however, and literally tried to combat it, the pathogens proved themselves to be the worst enemy. He showed that micro-organisms are the bridge between life and death, and the stage in between — disease.

Life is not merely to be alive, but to be well”. ~Marcus Valerius Martial

So, what is health? Let’s look it up in the dictionary:

1. the general condition of the body or mind with reference to soundness and vigor: good health; poor health.

2. soundness of body or mind; freedom from disease or ailment: to have one’s health; to lose one’s health.

Health is not a static state of being. It is a dynamic force; the body doing a constant juggling act to remain in homeostasis. In the wild, all animals strive for two things: to remain healthy and to propagate their species, their line.

So how do we obtain this seemingly allusive thing we call health for us and our animals? 

What do you think is the most common theme of the conventional HEALTH care approach? Is it reactive or proactive? Is it managing disease or promoting health?

We’re told to do annual checkups to determine if any illness is presenting in our bodies. Same with veterinary care. Does that prevent anything? No, it merely DETECTS if something is already wrong.

Do you receive nutrition advice for yourself in detail? What about for your animals? What about exercise? How in depth is that? What about getting fresh air, sunshine, good rest, pure water, living in balance (moderation is the common word used and temperance is the archaic word used on this), trust? 

Do we go on the defense or offense? The best defense is an OFFENSE. The things I just mentioned are the laws of health mandated in nature which means they are not optional. They are proactive not reactive. They are lifestyle not a method. They are life and life more abundantly. They are our Offensive Team! This keeps us IN health and living well!

So where do we go from here??? Stay tuned IN and UP as we explore TRANSFORMATION in our next installment of Bark N’ Blog.

Until next time…

Have a PAWSitively, tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day!

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