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Altering Your Pet

Altering Your Pet


Alternatives to Spaying and Neutering
Are There Behavior Changes When Dogs Are Spayed or Neutered?
The Debate Over Neutering
Should Dogs Be Neutered?
UC Davis Golden retriever study suggests neutering affects dog health
The Spay/Neuter Health Denigration
Neutering Effects More Severe in Golden Retrievers Than in Labradors
Behavioral and Physical Effects of Spaying and Neutering Domestic Dogs(Canis familiaris)
Spaying and Neutering: Does It Cause Depression in Dogs and Cats?
Spaying and Neutering
Should Dogs Be Neutered?
Spay-Neuter References
Companion Animals as Targets of Impolite Human Comments
Long-Term Health Effects of Spay-Neuter in Dogs
Early Spay/Neuter in the Cat
At What Age Should I Spay Or Neuter My Dog or Cat? What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Neutering My Pet? Revisiting The Idea Of Early-Age Neutering
Determining the Best Age At Which to Spay or Neuter: An Evidence-Based Analysis
A Healthier Respect for Ovaries
Rottweiler study links ovaries with exceptional longevity
Castration Affected Skeleton Of Famous Opera Singer Farinelli, Archaeologists Say

For a more normal life for a pet: Partial Spay
Canine Chromosomes
A population study of neutering status as a risk factor for canine prostate cancer
Partial Spay
Rethinking Spay & Neuter
The influence of castration on the development of prostatic carcinoma in the dog
Canine ovariohysterectomy and orchiectomy increases the prevalence of ACL injury
The relationship of urinary incontinence to early spaying in bitches
Spayed and neutered Golden Retrievers are more likely to develop hypothyroidism
Long-term outcome of gonadectomy performed at an early age or traditional age in dogs
This One Procedure Could Reduce Your Pet’s Lifespan by Over 30%
Annual Vaccination and Spaying is a Deadly Combination!
Announcing a New Safer Alternative to Traditional Spaying
Spay and Neuter Medical Facts
The Cruelty of Castration: Risk vs Benefit
A Healthier Respect For Ovaries
Spay & Neuter Information


with Dr. Myrna Milani

Testicular Blindness

Those Crazy Humans!

Tipping Away from Fear

Feline Pedagogy

Making Sense of Scents

Semantic Contagion Redux

Hormone Support for Your Altered Pet

Canine Hormone Support

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