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Meet King!

Lesson 10 Chapter 3

My American Bully King

King was gifted to us 5 months after we lost our precious Great Dane boy, Meshach. Our friend Mike gifted him to us. He knew we were ready for another dog even if I didn't know it. I know when my husband Donnie saw his picture he said a big fat YES before even meeting him!

I kept reminding him that this breed were high energy, etc. I didn't even know he was an American Bully, so they aren't quite as energetic as their breed contributors, the American Pitbull Terrier. Terrier ought to give you a clue though - always high energy whenever you say "terrier" lol. Well after a Neo Mastiff, then a Dane, I wasn't too keen on high energy anything. 

But I've always been an advocate for the bully breeds so now it was time to put my heart where my mouth was. It was such a challenge for me because King and I didn't quite hit it off as I'd hoped. In fact, he became a Daddy's boy from the first moment he laid eyes on Donnie - and it was mutual. So I was second fiddle for the first time ever to a dog. Well that was humbling to say the least. 

King and I worked things out over time and in the process, King taught me much about me - he was and is the therapy dog I never knew I needed. In fact, as I write out this class I'm begining to think they ALL are and have been! You'll hear more about King during this class - he's quite the character this boy and I love him so much! I'm so grateful that he has helped me to Journey On after Meshach. 

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