Dogs and Their Owners Share Emotions
Dogs and Their Owners Share Emotions

Dogs and Their Owners Share Emotions

Dr Kim kissing her Neo MastiffThe following two articles are on studies that have been done to show not only how tuned in to us our dogs are, but also how much we share emotions.


The fact that these studies are being done is fascinating to me in and of themselves, not to mention the results so far of these studies. I know they are as yet scientifically inconclusive but those of us who share our lives with animals know that these studies only confirm what we know or suspect on a more esoteric level.

Since Shadrach died I have felt such a void in my life. We were so connected on so many levels. He always was so tuned in to me that it forced me to get more outside of myself to be more tuned in to him. I suppose that we humans have a tendency to equate everything to how it affects us whereas animals appear to connect to us based on the same thing – how it affects us rather than themselves…but possibly their connection to us is also based on how much it adds or subtracts from their own lives – wouldn’t that be a study to be able to define!

All I know is that, with Shadrach my life felt fuller, more complete. And without him it seems void. There is always so much more work, so much more cost, so much more commitment and much less time for ourselves. But to me, that is the joy because it takes me outside of myself, learning the ways and interaction of another species that is much less complicated and far more candid than our own.

Another dog is coming soon, and while I have some trepidation only because I miss Shadrach so much, I am looking forward to what this one and I will share and how much richer my life will once again be with the love and companionship of a dog to share my life with. And oh the life lessons I will learn will undoubtedly be priceless!

I miss you Moose, and I always will.

Have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATURALLY healthy day!

Photo Attribution: Shadrach the Neo Mastiff by Dr. Kim Bloomer, Copyright 2008 All Rights Reserved.




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