Have a Tail Wagging Day – But What Does That Mean?
Have a Tail Wagging Day – But What Does That Mean?

Have a Tail Wagging Day – But What Does That Mean?

Great Dane puppy in snowWhen I leave that salutation at the end of my blog posts what I am meaning is that I want you to have a HAPPY day bepaws most humans associate tail wagging with a “happy” dog. However, just bepaws we are wagging our tails doesn’t mean we are happy. It can can a lot of meaning as you’ll discover in the following article: What Dogs’ Tail Wags Really Mean: Some New Scientific Data

It all depends on which way our tail is wagging: right, left, slow, fast, etc. OR where our tail is held: straight up, straight out, low and relaxed, or tucked up underneath our bellies. We do a LOT of communicating with our tails as the article points out. Posture of the tail means a lot more than you may know!

Another interesting article points out that wolves wag their tails too but it is not related to human interaction the way it is with us dogs. But there are similarities of course. And yes, they do WAG their tails too, woof! Here’s the article and they also have ongoing information and education on this site about wolves for those who desire to know more: http://www.wolfcenter.org/tail-posture.html

But know that when I say “have a pawsitively tail waggin’, NATUROPATHICALLY healthy day, woof!” that I mean that in a very happy, positive way – but you’ll just have to read the article to discover which posture and direction I’m holding my tail with that intention, woof!

Photo Attribution: Meshach the Great Dane puppy by Dr. Kim Bloomer, Copyright 2011 All Rights Reserved.




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